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Added years

How do AVCs etc get reconciled?

If you have a AVC % instalment based contract, the contributions due based on your actual earnings for the year are compared to contributions already deducted from the practice.

An adjustments is automatically calculated for the difference and applied to the practice's next monthly contractual statement

On the 2022/23 Type 2 form, it says not to include 'added years' paid, but to ensure that we pay them.?

"Added years" do need to be recorded in Box 7 of the form. 

It is money purchase or free standing AVCs that must not be included. 

For more information see the Type 2 guidance on the NHS Pensions website

There is no box for "added years" contributions: what do I do with them?

Added Years contributions are a type of Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs). 

The total amount of AVCs paid for added years, additional pension and early retirement reduction buy out (ERRBO) needs to be added in box 7. 

For more information see NHS Pensions Guidance