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Officer work

As GP clinical lead, I am an office holder, so that income is not pensionable. My payslip shows that pension is deducted monthly. Does that mean I would have to state that on the form?

Any Officer work must not be included on either the Type 1 or Type 2 form, as officer posts are pensioned through the organisation's payroll.

I was a trainee for part of the 2022/23 financial year, do I need to annualise my training pay?

Trainee posts are classed as Officer work in NHS Pensions terms, and as such, is pensioned through the organisation's payroll. 

This must not be recorded on the Type 2 form and must not be included when annualising your income to calculate the appropriate tier rate(s). 

I am a locum but also have a special interest role paid by a hospital. Do I include the hospital work in the Type 2 form?

No, work paid directly by the hospital is officer work.

Do I need to do a Type 2 form if I have an officer post as well as locuming?

No, the officer post doesn’t require any forms to be completed