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How do I access PCN statements?

Please contact your PCN User Admin and request they assign the ‘PCN Nominated Payee View role to your PCSE Online account. Once you have the ‘PCN Nominated Payee View’ role you can access the PCN statements by the following steps:

  • Login to PCSE Online - if you have access to more than one organisation on PCSE Online, please ensure that you select the relevant PCN
  • Click on the PCN Payments tile
  • Click on PCN Payments box
  • Click on PCN Statements box
  • Enter the ODS code for the PCN within the box underneath PCN Organisation
  • Select the month from the drop down underneath Statement Date From
  • Click Search
  • Click on the ODS code for the PCN in the table underneath Organisation
  • View the statement for the PCN
Where do I find the capitation data for details on actual and weighted patient list size information?

If your global sum payment is calculated by the system, the capitation information can be found on your contractual payment statement under the ‘GMS/PMS/APMS Contract value’ section. 

However, if you are a A/PMS and your commissioner uses the A/PMS baseline functionality you will be also able to see this information from the second month of the beginning of each quarter.

Why are there three types of paycodes?

Paycodes are determined by claim type and contract type. The practice will choose the claim type and behind the scenes PCSE Online will look at the contract type and assign the correct paycode. These are either PMS/GMS or APMS. 

Am I able to download statements from PCSE Online and upload them to accountancy packages?

Statements can be downloaded as CSV files. You may need to save the CSV as a different file type (save as, change the file type, save) to be compatible with external software.

Can we print out copies of our statements for accountants?

Yes. PCSE Online statements are easily exported, either as a PDF or CSV, and either as an ‘expanded’ detailed statement or a ‘collapsed’ summary. Once exported they can be printed. 

Is the 'notification' an email sent to us informing of payment?

Yes, notifications are both emails and a message inside PCSE Online once you’ve logged in.

Is there a restriction on what file types and the size of the file that can be uploaded?

Yes, but a wide range of file types are accepted. The maximum file size is 3.2MB. PCSE Online will tell you if a file is incompatible or too large.

If submitting a claim eg locum claims can we upload required invoices to support the claim?

Yes, you are required to upload evidence for claims, so a bill or an invoice would be suitable for this.

Can you see a list of the pay codes and what they mean?

Commissioners have a source document explaining all the active paycodes. Practice statements list all payment amounts along with the paycode as well as a description of the paycode.