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GP Solo

It is the responsibility of the employer (NHS local/regional team/CCG/OOH provider), to deduct the employee contributions from their monthly payment, and then pay over both the employee and employer contributions to PCSE each month.

GP Solo pension contributions should NOT be submitted by individual GP’s.

Please note: any SOLO payments received by individual GPs will be rejected and returned. This may lead to delays in updating GP’s pension records. Contributions will only be processed once they have been paid by the OOH providers and CCGs.

Monthly GP SOLO contribution submissions

  • SOLO contribution payments must be made monthly by OOH providers and CCGs to NHS England
  • Every month, please complete and submit the spreadsheet available here which provides a breakdown of SOLO work
  • This will allow PCSE to reconcile and allocate monthly payments quickly and efficiently, culminating in less returned payments
  • Completed spreadsheets should be submitted to PCSE via the enquiries form.

Annual GP SOLO form submissions

  • In addition to the completion and submission of the monthly spreadsheet, it is still a legal requirement to submit the NHS Pensions GP SOLO form. The form can be downloaded from the NHS Pensions website here
  • Annual GP SOLO forms should be submitted to PCSE via the enquiries form.

For any questions in relation to Solo contribution submissions, please contact PCSE via the online form found at https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/contact-us/