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Joiners and leavers

Individual estimates, does this mean we estimate the GP salary but then they add any other locum work done elsewhere?

Individual Estimate allows for all earnings to be declared by the GP themselves - including salaried, locum and solo work earnings. This can be captured on the main Estimate however if the GP wants to keep their locum and solo earnings private, but still have their locum and solo figures counted for accuracy, they complete an Individual Estimate and tick the box to hide the locum and solo earnings from view.

If you change an estimate does PCSE take into account the annual figures paid to date?

The estimate form sets the monthly contributions going forwards. The contribution tier rate has to be selected from a drop down list. If the change in earnings for the remainder of the year impacts the tier rate this must be changed. Any contributions paid to date will be pulled through to the Annual Certificate or Self-Assessment form at year end.

Our accountant normally completes and submits the estimates, will they be able to continue to do this?

It will remain the responsibility of the practice to submit their estimates. It is possible to give your accountant the Estimates role to do this on your behalf.

Is there a way to show which GPs are linked to our practices?

The Performers List website has the facility to search by practice and see all GPs currently linked to the practice. The website is updated in real time after changes have been submitted and approved.

Visit the website. 

Will we still need to complete the estimate of pensionable profit form when GP leaves or joins the practice?

Estimates are required annually but should be updated after any changes to pensionable profits or earnings to ensure that the correct contributions are being paid throughout the year. The most recent submitted Annual Estimate will be visible and editable in PCSE Online. After any personnel changes, review the estimate and update if needed. Example, a Principal GP leaving the practice may have impacts on the remaining Partner profits and earnings.

Can you clarify the terms ‘GP’ or ‘NON GP’ on the joiners screen?

Non-GP refers to non-GP Partners. A common example of this is a Practice Manager who is a Partner.

We have a salaried GP leaving the NHS pension scheme but not leaving the Practice, would i still use the Leavers form?

No, the leavers form is to stop Pensions contributions being taken from your practice for GPs who have left the practice but have remained in the NHS Pension scheme. The Opt out process should be followed by the GP for this scenario, once opted out then contributions will stop. GPs have an Opt out tile when they log in to PCSE Online.

If a GP opts out of the NHS pension scheme and then wants to restart pension at a later date, what process will they or the practice need to do?

Users with the GP Principal or Non-GP Partner role at the practice can opt GPs back into the pensions scheme. Once completed users with the Joiners & Leavers role can complete a Joiner form to restart the Pension contributions.

How do we notify you of historic joiners or leavers from before this new system is live?

Submit the joiner or leaver form using PCSE Online and the contributions will be backdated to the beginning of the financial year. The leavers form can be completed and submitted at any time, but for joiners the GP must have completed their performers list change first. For any joiners or leavers prior to the current financial year you will need to contact PCSE to apply a further manual adjustment, by visiting the Contact Us page and completing a new GP Pensions enquiry.