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Non-clinical Partners

If a Non-Clinical partner joins your practice, this is now a self-serve process for you to complete on the PCSE online portal. The Practice GPPP User Administrator must assign the role ‘GPP – Non GP Partner’ to the Non-Clinical Partner.  This will allow the Non-Clinical Partner to:

  • Complete and submit an annual certificate
  • Submit an annual certificate completed by practice accountant
  • View previous annual certificates
  • Complete individual estimated income
  • View AVC applications
  • Complete payment details relating to AVC lump sum contributions
  • Opt-out or into the pension scheme
  • Submit and view break in service applications
  • View employee contribution statements
  • Complete an opt-out on behalf of a Performer/NCP

Once the Practice assign the role of non-GP Partner, the pensions team at PCSE can process the pensions adjustment.

PCSE can only process the adjustment if the SD number and the National Insurance Number are inputted on the PCSE Online portal.

If there is no SD number or National Insurance number inputted, then PCSE will request it from the practice manager in order to process the adjustment.

This is a self-serve process that needs to be completed on the PCSE Online portal. The Practice GPPP User Administrator must remove the role ‘GPP – Non-GP Partner’ from the Non-Clinical Partner.