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Non-clinical Partners

Please inform PCSE if a non-clinical partner joins your practice. This will ensure that the details PCSE holds about the Partnership reflect those outlined in the contract with NHS England.

To add a non-clinical partner:

Email: PCSE.Performerlists@nhs.net.
In the subject box please enter ‘Non Clinical Partner Request’ and provide your practice ODS code (this is a letter followed by five numbers. If you don’t know your practice ODS code, please contact the ODS Team at NHS Digital on 0300 303 4034 or via email at Exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net.)
In the body of the email, please state that you would like to add a non-clinical partner to your practice, and provide the non-clinical partner’s:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • National Insurance Number
  • Email address
  • Effective date

PCSE will contact the practice by telephone if any further information is required.

Once PCSE has processed the request, confirmation will be emailed to the non-clinical partner. The practice contact will also receive a copy of this confirmation email.

Following confirmation that the non-clinical partner has been attached to the practice, please complete and submit an Estimate of GP (and non-GP) Providers NHS Pensionable Profits/Pay. Further information about completion and submission of estimates can be found here. Please ensure that the change has been confirmed to the Performer before submitting the Estimate to PCSE.

The Estimate must be used to provide PCSE with projected pensionable pay so that the monthly contributions deductions for GP’s and Non-Clinical Partners are as accurate as possible. This will reduce outstanding contributions at year end.