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Pension adjustments

What should I do if I have been refunded/deducted incorrectly for pension contributions?

Any payment queries relating to incorrect refunds or deductions for pension contributions (EE - employee contributions and ER - employer contributions), please submit an enquiry via the 'Enquiries' form.

Please ensure that you choose GP Pensions as the subject and GP Pensions as the category, as this will ensure your enquiry reaches the correct team. Please also make sure you include your practice code and GP's GMC code. 

How does PCSE rectify pension over or under payments for SOLO work?

Contribution adjustments relating to SOLO work would be managed directly with the out of hours provider or CCG.

What happens if a practitioner has over or under paid contributions, but works in more than one role?

Pension adjustment payments or refunds required for each role would be managed separately.


If the practitioner works in a Type 2 role and also works as a locum, any contribution adjustments relating the locum work would be managed directly with the practitioner, and any adjustments relating to the Type 2 work would be made directly with the practice.

How does PCSE rectify pension over or under payments with Locums?

If a locum has overpaid contributions, PCSE will contact the GP to request their bank account details so that a refund can be requested through the Oracle system. The locum will then receive a BACS payment from NHS England. An email will be sent to the locum from PCSE explaining the payment.

If a locum owes pension contributions, PCSE will contact them via email to explain any shortfall that needs to be paid and provide instructions on how to make payment to NHS England. Once a shortfall payment has been received it will be allocated to the locum's record and they will be able to see the amount has been added to their Employee Contribution Statement on PCSE Online.

How does PCSE process adjustments when the practice has closed?

PCSE will seek advice from the NHS England local team/CCG as to how to process the refund/recovery.

Will pension adjustments still be made if a practice has changed ownership?

If a practice has changed ownership, PCSE is still required by NHS Pensions to make the adjustments through the practice as long as it is open, and is the practice that the GP worked at, at the time the certificate relates.

In line with NHS Pension guidelines, it is the responsibility of the practice to refund or recoup the adjustment directly with the practitioner concerned. If a practice has any queries on this, they should contact their local NHS England team/CCG.