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Pension contributions - GP starting or leaving a practice

Can I take a career break and still pay into my NHS pension?

If you take authorised leave or a career break, you can choose to remain pensionable for up to 6 months.

If the authorised leave is pensionable, you must make arrangements with your employer to pay contributions continuously during the break.

If you do not stop paying pension contributions in the first 6 months, you can choose to pay contributions for a further 18 months. If you wish to continue contributing during the 18 month period, you’re responsible for the employee and employer pension contributions.

What do I do if PCSE is not taking pension contributions for a doctor who has started at our practice?

Please ensure that the GP has updated their Performer List details in PCSE Online, and that the Practice Manager has approved the change. See this webpage for further information on GP Performer List processes.

If the GP has not updated their employment details in PCSE Online, the Pensions Team cannot start collecting contributions for a GP who has started work at the practice.

The pension contributions for a GP/GPs at my practice are incorrect, how do I rectify this?

Please submit a new Estimate of Profit Form and upload this by visiting the Contact Us page and completing a new GP Pensions enquiry.  Please include details of the GP(s) affected.

What do I do if my practice is still taking contribution deductions for a doctor who has left our practice?

It is the leaving GP's responsibility to update their Performer List details, which includes a change of practice. Once this has been completed, the Practice Manager approves the change, and this then updates all systems regarding stopping the collection of pension contributions. See this webpage for further information on the GP Performer List processes.

It is possible for PCSE to process temporary adjustments to the practice or refund and payments taken until the GP has updated their Performer List details. Please visit the Contact Us page and complete a new GP Pensions enquiry, ensuring all details of the doctor and any termination dates are included in the query section.