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Pensions on divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership - Cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) request

How do I request a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV)?

A cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) is the cash value placed on your pension benefits. This is the amount that is available to transfer to an alternative plan in exchange for giving up your rights under the scheme. It is necessary to apply for your CETV statement if you wish to transfer from the scheme.

To request a CETV, the GP needs to provide PCSE with the following information, and submit it by visiting our Contact Us page and completing a new GP Pensions enquiry:

full name
National Insurance or NHS pension scheme reference number (SD) number
the area they work in
PD1 form.
If they work at a GP practice, they will need to provide the practice code.
PCSE will then complete a PD2 form and we’ll send this to the Member by email, along with:

a covering letter
PD3 (if required)
Pensions on Divorce Factsheet
the schedule of charges.
Please note, the PD2 form is normally signed and stamped. During the COVID-19 period, the form is completed with the name of the colleague actioning the request and the words 'PCSE Blackburn Covid19'.

The Member will then need to complete the rest of the PD1 and send this, with the relevant fee, to be processed by the Pensions Division at:

NHS Pensions, PO Box 2269, Bolton, BL6 9JS