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GP Payments - ICB

I'm a commissioner, how do I request to stop a monthly recurring or regular payment(s)?

To stop a payment please download the Stop Payment Instruction template, complete the required details and send it to the Payments team at

Please note, this instruction needs to be sent from a contact who is listed on the authorised signatory list.


How does the commissioner notify PCSE of a LMC rate change?

An authorised contact at the commissioner needs to submit an email instruction to to notify PCSE of the levy rate change to be actioned. Please note this only applies for areas that PCSE process the levy deductions for.

What is the deadline for submitting contract variations?

The cut-off time for the submission of Contract Variations on PCSE Online for approval is by midnight. Please note that this is in relation and applies to the contractual payment date and therefore would need to be submitted 9 working days before this date.

I want to view and/or set APMS/PMS baselines.

At the beginning of a financial year you will be able to set APMS/PMS baselines through PCSE Online. You will also be able to store practice information for annual reviews and submissions, view the payment history for a practice and use the previous year’s figures to set a new practice baseline.

Who is responsible for submitting monthly payment schedules?

Commissioners are now responsible for this and they must complete these 9 days before the contractual payment date. 
Once submitted, adjustments will be included in the practice’s next payment run.

Where can I view QOF figures?

PCSE Online can be used to search for a practice in your area and view their Quality and Outcomes Framework aspirational and achievement figures. Your QOF adjustments will be processed as CQRS adjustments, and not processed through PCSE Online, but you will still see these entries on you PCSE Online statement.

There is no change to how QOF payments are processed, but the ability to view the information will now be in PCSE Online.