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Pre-registration training grants

How much am I able to claim?

Contractors can either claim the full value of the grant at the end of the pre-registration year or in two installments (one after six months and the other at the end of the pre-registration year).

 Please note the application form needs to be signed by the contractor, supervisor and trainee.

The amount payable for claims on or after 1 April 2023 is £4010 for 12 months.

How do I submit a pre-registration training (PRT) grant claim?

To submit a new PRT claim:

  • Go to the online form on the 'Contact Us' page
  • Select the 'Ophthalmic Payments' option from the 'type of enquiry' drop down menu
  • Choose 'Ophthalmic General Enquiry (Ophthalmic Payments)'
  • Click on 'Pre-reg training grant'
  • Complete the necessary details and attach the application form in the upload section
  • Submit

You will receive acknowledgement of your submission and a case reference number should you need to follow up.

What is the qualifying criteria that needs to be met for my claim to be paid?

The Pre-Reg Trainee needs to be enrolled on the College of Optometrists Scheme for Registration or the MSci Optometry at Manchester University.