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Drug Tariff

End of the paper Drug Tariff in England

Dispensing contractors in England should note that from April 2021 the Drug Tariff will no longer be printed and distributed as a paper document.

The Government recently consulted stakeholders and representative groups in England about this change. March 2021 will be the final month in which a printed Drug Tariff will be circulated. The Drug Tariff will continue to be published on a monthly basis online and accessible via the NHSBSA website.

Where dispensing contractors have a registered email address with the NHS Business Services Authority, from January 2021 a link to the PDF copy will be supplied each month to that address. Where any issues arise in obtaining the link to the PDF copy of the Drug Tariff, dispensing contractors can contact NHSBSA at: nhsbsa.drugtariff@nhs.net 

The email inbox above can also be used should contractors wish to request that their email address be added to the circulation list.