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General Supplies

What if I am a Private Prescriber who has retired/no longer practices?

Please contact us and let us know so we can remove your details from the ordering system.

As a Private Prescriber, how do I go about changing my address?

You will need to get in touch with your local Controlled Drugs Accountable Office (CDAO) and advise them of the change request. Once confirmation has been received that this has been verified and the address has been amended, an Order Form will then need to be completed. This is returned back to the email address highlighted on the Order Form, with a brief description that a change of address has taken place on the email.

Note, we are unable to place orders for CD pads if the delivery address does not match the address printed on them.

What should I do with out of date stock?

If you receive any stock which is out of date, please contact us as soon as possible using our online enquiries form. Select 'Supplies' as the enquiry type and in the subject box please add 'Out of date supplies' and include the product code.

You will then be prompted on the next steps to take.

Our practice is closing and we need our stock collected

Please inform your Integrated Care Board (ICB) who will provide us with the details required.

What do I do with un-used prescription pads?

It is the responsibility of the practice to dispose of unused prescription pads confidentially.

I need to return an item – how do I do this?

To organise a collection of the unwanted items, please go to the Returns page on PCSE Online and request a collection. They will be collected on the next scheduled deliver day which can be found on the homepage of PCSE Online.

For GP Practices, if you are returning prescription stationery, please enter each range of prescription numbers you are sending back. This is important as it will be used for reconciliation and to track the movement of the prescription forms. You can also return unopened boxes of needles and syringes. Part used boxes of these products should be disposed of using you current arrangements for the disposal of ‘sharps’. Please wrap up and seal the products you are returning, but please do not put supplies items to be returned in the medical records shipping bags, as this will confuse the delivery system and introduce delays.

I have an urgent supplies order that I need to arrive before my next courier delivery

Urgent orders can be arranged on PCSE Online. Expectation for urgent orders is delivery within 48 hours, but this is not a guarantee.

If you need to order a supply urgently (before your next designated courier delivery), then you can do this as follows:

1. Check the day of your next courier delivery. This can be found on the bottom right when you log into PCSE Online or on your supplies ordering page. If your delivery day is 2 or more days away, then an urgent delivery will arrive to you sooner.

2. Add the supplies you require urgently to your basket as you would normally. Please note: personalised supplies such as prescription pads cannot be ordered using the urgent process as they need to be created.

3.Select ‘urgent order’ at checkout. Confirm you are able to authorise an urgent order.

How long will it take to receive my order?

You can see when your order is likely to be delivered by going to the Track Order page on PCSE Online and viewing your estimated delivery date. Note: this is an estimate and not a guaranteed delivery date though CitySprint will endeavour to make it so.

Personalised stationery such as prescription pads, are made to order so can take approximately 3 weeks from receiving the order.

How many orders can I make each week?

You can make as many orders as you need. Orders received before the closing time for your next delivery should arrive on your next delivery (unless you are ordering personalised stationery – see below).

There are two ways of managing your basket through PCSE Online:

  1. Submitting several baskets each week as you realise you need a supply. Please be aware that once an order has been submitted it cannot be cancelled.
  2. Adding supplies to our basket throughout the week and submitting in one go before the closing time for your next delivery.

If you need personalised stationery such as prescription pads, these will take approx. 3 weeks to be delivered as they need to be created.

The user/person who placed our orders has left the practice and I need to take over. What should I do to gain access to PCSE Online?

Please speak to the Main Contact in your practice who will be able to set you up as a new user with the necessary access permissions to place orders. If the Main Contact has left the practice, please contact us.

What supplies are available to order on PCSE Online?

Dentist, GP’s, Opticians and Pharmacies will need to use PCSE Online for the following items:

  • Dentists - NHS prescriptions and secure and non-secure stationery
  • GP Practices - stationery, prescription pads, needles and syringes
  • Opticians - NHS forms 
  • Pharmacies - secure and non-secure NHS stationery 

PCSE Online hosts the national catalogue of approved items. We’ll notify you via PCSE Online noticeboard when products are added, suspended or removed from the catalogue.