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About the search assistant

How does the website search assistant work?

This website search assistant uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and aims to help our customers quickly find the answers they're looking for.  This tool learns from each interaction, such as how customers might ask the same or similar questions in very different ways. 

Where can I find the website search assistant?

The website search assistant is located at the bottom right of any page on the PCSE website. The icon to launch the search assistant is a white speech bubble in a green circle. Just click the icon to get started.

Launch the website search assistant using this icon
Launch the search assistant by clicking on the icon.
What can I use the website search assistant for?

You can use the website search assistant to:

  • help you find the right page
  • answer basic questions about different processes
  • find out how to reset your password
  • signpost you to resources

The search assistant will link you to the page that you need. 

We are constantly improving the answers the search assistant tool provides, and if you would like to leave feedback on the help provided, this is really useful.

What can't I use the website search assistant for?

There are a few things the search assistant isn't able to help you with, such as:

  • submitting an enquiry on you behalf
  • follow up on an existing enquiry
  • updates relating to your personal information, such as your pension
  • information relating to patients or practice payment

However if you are contacting us regarding an enquiry you have already submitted, the search assistant will be able to direct you to the page where you can request an update. 

What information should I not include in my conversation with the website search assistant?

You should not include the following information in any conversation with the search assistant:

  • patient identifiable data, such as name, date of birth, NHS number, address
  • your own personal data, such as name, date of birth, NHS pensions number
  • practice date, such as payment amounts
I can’t see the website search assistant.

The website search assistant relies on the use of cookies on the PCSE website. 

New visitors to the website, users accessing it for the first time in a different browser or user who have cleared their browser history, are prompted to accept Cookies, and should select 'I'm OK with analytics cookies'. 

If you do not, the search assistant will not be enabled. You can edit your cookie preferences here at any time.

Do I have to stay on the same page when I’m using the website search assistant?

Once you launch a conversation with the search assistant, you can move from page to page. If the search assistant suggests a link for you to follow or signposts you to a page where you’ll find information, the chat will stay open and move with you, wherever you go on the website.

Does the website search assistant work on PCSE Online?

The search assistant is a tool on the PCSE website only. It is not available on PCSE Online.