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Ophthalmic Payments resources


Here you will find links to associated FAQs and all of our user guides for Ophthalmic Payments. 

Frequently asked questions

Getting started with PCSE Online

If you're moving to online GOS claims, want to view your statements or it's your first time submitting a claim through PCSE Online, take a look at our Welcome Pack and intro to PCSE Online Ophthalmic Payments service.

User guides

Payments calendar

GOS claim forms

Any GOS claim form you download should be printed double-sided only.

Tips for completing paper GOS forms

User management

Batch headers

Paper forms must be submitted with a batch header and there is a batch header for each type of claim. 

Please download the batch header you require - we no longer send these out to contractors.

Top tips

  • Don’t forget to enter your ODS code to make sure your forms can be processed
  • Attach one copy only of the batch header to each batch
  • Maximum of 100 forms per batch - submit multiple batches if you have more than 100 of any GOS type to submit

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