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GP Payments


Our new online service to help administer practice payments and GP Pensions is now live.

What’s new:

Statements: Practice statements are now accessed via PCSE Online, and will no longer be available via Open Exeter from 1 June 2021. Practices can access their statements data from the 2014/15 financial year to present day.

New pensions services: Practices will also be able to access a range of related pensions services, such as completing the annual estimate of pensionable profit, notifying PCSE of new joiners and leavers to the NHS Pensions Scheme and approving Locum A forms.

Premises and locum cover claims: The new online GP Payments service also enables Practices to submit premises claims and locum cover claims online (Note: please check with your CCG when they are ready to start accepting claims submitted via PCSE online).

For more detail on all of these services, as well as information on how to request access to the new services, click on the tile below.



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