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In order to claim for GP SOLO work, the GP SOLO form must be completed when a GP, other than a freelance GP locum, performs pensionable fee based (self-employed) ad-hoc work, for example, Out of Hours, CCG, GPwSI, etc for an NHS Pension Scheme Employing Authority. 

The employer contribution rate includes the administration levy of 0.08%. The total to be paid over in year 2019/20 is therefore 14.38%. 

In England, the ‘employer’ (i.e. the OOHP or CCG) must send this form and the correct contributions to the host Employing Authority, which is NHS England / Primary Care Support England (PCSE). If your organisation has chosen to send annual GP SOLO forms please refer to the Annual GP SOLO Contribution Submissions section below.

Do not use the GP SOLO form if the service level agreement is with a surgery and the payment is made directly to the surgery (i.e. pooled) rather than to an individual GP. The 14.38% employer contribution and administration levy must be included in the payment.

Take a look at the process for completing a GP SOLO form.


From 1 June, GP SOLO claims can be submitted in the new online Payments and Pensions service, via PCSE Online.

We'll be providing more information on the new online service in the coming weeks - please check back regularly for updates. 


Who submits GP SOLO pension contributions?

It is the responsibility of the employer (NHS local/regional team/CCG/OOH provider), to deduct the employee contributions from their monthly payment, and then pay over both the employee and employer contributions to PCSE each month. GP SOLO pension contributions should NOT be submitted by individual GP’s.

Please note: any SOLO payments received by individual GPs will be rejected and returned. This may lead to delays in updating GP’s pension records. Contributions will only be processed once they have been paid by the OOH providers and CCGs.


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