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Primary Care Reports and Data

The NHAIS systems in England, Wales and Isle of Man are being replaced by a range of new digital services during 2021 and early 2022.

NHS England and NHS Improvement is working alongside NHS Digital and other parties to de-commission NHAIS by replacing its services with more modern and efficient processes. Part of this work involves the reporting function on Primary Care Information Service (PCIS) moving away from Open Exeter and this service is no longer available.  

Please note, other functionality within Open Exeter will remain unaffected.

Here is a current summary of where to access the latest reports and data previously held on Open Exeter:


Performers List Reports

Public Performers List: Here you can easily search for performers on the Performers List for England, filtering down by type of Performer, name, Commissioning area or GP Practice.

PCSE Online portalIf you are an NHS England user on PCSE Online, you can also access additional information about performers and practices by logging into the portal. If you are an approved user you can view a performer’s contact details, information about what practice(s) they are attached to and their personal details. You will also be able to select a practice and view any Performers associated with that practice.

For all Commissioner or NHSEI Area Team users:
PCSE is developing standard performer report which will be available shortly.
Any ad-hoc requests can be made by send an email to pcse.mirequests@nhs.net detailing the information required. The PCSE team will then triage the request and set expectations as to whether it can be delivered. Please note: this is for one-off requests and not for regular reporting, until the replacement report is available.



National Screening Information

You can find a variety of published reports on cervical screening and breast screening on the NHS Digital website.

Cancer Screening Programme National Statistics is available here.

National General Practice Profiles and Cervical, breast and bowel cancer screening uptake and coverage for age groups reports are available from Public Health England’s fingertips website.

The national GP Practice profile reports including uptake and coverage at GP practice levels are still available via Open Exeter for:

  • cervical screening
  • breast screening
  • bowel screening

Please note: all other local screening processes currently on Open Exeter will remain the same.



List Sizes, Capitation Data and Patient Registration information

Use NHS Digital’s interactive dashboard to find out the number of patients registered at a GP practice. The numbers can be shown at national, Commissioner or GP practice level, and GP practices can be compared to one another. Commissioners will also receive capitation and patient registration reports from NHS Digital on a quarterly basis, if you would like to request this information email the team at exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net.



Demographics Data

From the week commencing 16 August 2021, NHS Digital have started withdrawing access to the Patient Details application within Open Exeter. 

Access is being withdrawn in a phased approach. Users who are due to have access revoked would have received communications regarding this.

If you have been impacted and have concerns, please raise a query with the Exeter Help Desk (exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net).

If you use the Patient Details application in support of cervical screening or to upload HPV data and have had your access withdrawn, please raise a query with Exeter Helpdesk and access will be extended until alternative systems are in place.



Pharmacy Data

Pharmacy data administration including publication of opening/close hours etc was descoped in September 2015. Organisations using this legacy data should download their datasets to be managed locally if still in use.



Can't find the report you're looking for?

 If you require any other data that was previously available via PCIS that is not covered in the list above, please email exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net.

Any new requests for other patient identifiable information should follow established NHS data request procedures and will be subject to review and approval. Please email england.pcrm@nhs.net for further information and the latest application form.


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