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Please note, throughout the changing situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we continue to work with NHS England to prioritise services so that we can make sure they run smoothly, avoiding disruption to front line Primary Care.

These essential services are processing applications to join the performers list and ensuring that GPs are correctly registered on the Performers List and able to provide services to the NHS. Other services may take longer during this time.

GP Performers List for England

PCSE processes all National Performer List applications for:

We also process changes to the Performers List such as, the removal of a GP who has retired or left general practice or a performer who has sadly died in service.



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New Performers

When you become a GP trainee in England, you need to apply to join the Performers List so you can practice.

Applicant Full Guide


Applicant Quick User Guide



Existing Performers

Existing performers already on the Performers List can make changes to their listing via PCSE Online.

There is a single user guide to support GPs to make changes and updates, such as:

  • moving to a different area team
  • adding a new and/or changing an existing practice
  • updating personal details - name, address, telephone number
  • applying for 24 hour retirement
  • withdrawing from the Performers List





Performer Management User Guide



Practice Manager Approvers

Practice Manager Approvers will now have to authorise status changes for GPs joining, leaving or changing their role within the practice. Our Quick Guide for Practice Managers can assist you with this process. 

Quick Guide for Practice Managers




If you have any questions, visit our Help section.




PCSE Online is a web-based system for submitting and approving Performer List change notifications and Performer List applications.  Practices, Performers, CCGs and NHS England can access the service via the PCSE website with a unique login ID and password. Some users may already have access to PCSE Online for ordering supplies and tracking medical records. Users who already have access to PCSE Online, will not be assigned Performers List related roles and if these users require access they will still need to follow the user management guidance to gain access to the new services.

PCSE Online is a secure web based syetem and uses encrypted communications.

We recommend that your browser should support Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS1.2). Currently the following browsers, and all subsequent versions (v) after those stated in the list below, support TLS 1.2:

  • Chrome - v30 and later
  • Firefox - v27 and later
  • Internet Explorer - v11
  • Opera - v17
  • Safari - v5 on iOS and v7 on OS X


You will require your own user ID and password to access the system.

The online service will bring a number of benefits:

    • Be validated in real time, flagging up any errors or omissions before the application can be submitted
  • Reduce the number of applications returned to sender due to missing or incomplete information
  • Give greater visibility to track and trace applications online
  • Remove the need to complete NPL1, NPL2 or NPL3 forms

The new online service will be available from 2nd December 2019.

PCSE Online is web-based, so you will need to be connected to the internet. You can use PCSE Online on any device that has internet access, including laptops, tablets, mobile telephones and desktop computers

Where the issue relates to connectivity or something not related to PCSE Online, please contact your own IT Helpdesk.

Where the issue relates to PCSE Online please contact PCSE via the online enquiry form.

To do this go to the Contact Us page of the PCSE website and select “Performers List” from the drop-down list of subject enquiry types.

Complete the details requested and state in your message that you are having problems logging in to PCSE Online.

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New Applicants

Applications to join the National Performers List are made via PCSE Online. You will need to register as an applicant in order to access the online application form.

To register go to https://secure.pcse.england.nhs.uk/PL.  Where it says “Register as a”, select “Register as a Performers List Applicant” from the drop down menu.  You will then need to enter your details to register as an applicant.  Once registered, you can complete the application on PCSE Online.

Further details on how to register and create an application can be found on our website https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/services/performers-lists/  in the user guide PCSE Applicant User Guide.

You can track the status of any application or change request status on the home screen of PCSE Online. When the status of your application or change request is updated, you will receive an email notification signposting you to PCSE Online for further information.  If you need to contact the PCSE Customer Service Centre for any reason, please quote the unique reference number which was emailed to you on submission of the application/change. Further details can be found on our website https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/services/performers-lists/ in the relevant user guide PCSE Applicant User Guide or PCSE Performer User Guide.

Please contact PCSE via the online enquiry form to update the referee information you originally provided as part of your application.

To do this go to the Contact Us page of the PCSE website and select “Performers List” from the drop-down list of subject enquiry types.

Complete the details requested and state in your message that you would like to change your referee information.

  • If you are replacing a referee, please provide the name of the referee originally supplied in the application which you would like to replace.

Please also provide the following information regarding your new referee:

  • The referee name
  • The referee address
  • The referee telephone number
  • The referee email address
  • Your relationship capacity
  • The length of time you have known the referee
  • The job role the referee relates to
  • Confirmation of whether the referee is a clinical or non clinical practitioner


Please note: by sending the new referee details to PCSE, you are confirming that the referee has consented to be your referee.

Where a reference has not been returned within the required timescale, the Case Handler processing your application may contact you direct to request that you provide alternative referee details.

All applications to join the National Performers List, supporting documentation and information change requests should be done through PCSE Online.

This should be a copy of your current Passport, or where you do not have a passport an acceptable form of photographic ID  as defined on the Disclosure and Barring Service website (eg current Driving Licence Photocard [full or provisional] – UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands or EU).

Where you are required to upload supporting documentation via PCSE Online you will be prompted.  The following field will be present. 

Click on ‘Browse’ to search for the document you wish to upload.  Navigate to the relevant document and once you have found the document double click.  Click the upload icon to the right hand side to upload the file to PCSE Online.  A green ‘File Successfully Uploaded’ box will drop down from the top right hand corner to confirm the file has been uploaded.

Please check the type and size of document you are trying to upload.  PCSE Online permits the following file types to be uploaded:


MS Word Document Types

MS Excel Document Types

Image Document Types





























File size is restricted to no more than 4MB per HTML.   Please note that if you are trying to upload 5 documents in the certificates page, the size of all these five documents should not be greater than 4 MB per request. 

  • Draft – Not yet submitted
  • Submitted – Application has been submitted into PCSE for processing
  • Undergoing Detailed Checks – Application or change has been submitted and received by PCSE. PCSE will process the request and send through to NHS England for a decision.  When this happens, you will receive an email notification.
  • Under Consideration – Application or change has been processed by PCSE and sent through to NHS England for consideration. You will receive an email notifying you when a decision has been made.

N.B. In some cases there may be an additional status of ‘awaiting NHSE response’ and this will be when you as the applicant have rejected the conditions imposed on your application to join the National Performers List.

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Existing Performers

The information that PCSE currently holds about you will be displayed on the new system. Please check that this information is correct and if it isn’t you will need to amend your performer list record via PCSE Online.

There are three ways to add or update a GMC email address:

  • Log into your GMC Online account & update this in the ‘My details’ section
  • Send an email to gmc@gmc-uk.org (if this is sent from your new email address you will be asked security questions to verify your identity)
  • Call the GMC on 0161 923 6602

You can make changes to the following details via PCSE Online:

  • Personal details
  • Employment details
  • NHS England Local Office details
  • Performer type

You can also withdraw from the Performers List via PCSE Online and apply for 24hr Retirement (Medical Performers only)

If you are not already registered to use PCSE Online, details on how to register and manage your performer details can be found on our website https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/services/performers-lists/ in the user guide Performer Management User Guide.

You can do this via the “Home Screen” on PCSE Online. Further details can be found on our website https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/services/performers-lists/ in the user guide Performer Management User Guide.

  • Pending – Change request has been submitted for processing
  • Assigned – Change request has been submitted and PCSE will process the request. You will receive an email notifying you when a decision has been made.
  • Awaiting NHS England Decision – Change request has been submitted and is with NHS England for consideration. You will receive an email notifying you when a decision has been made.
  • Closed – Change request is complete.

The Performer List service is now accessed via PCSE Online. GPs are responsible for updating any changes to their entry on the Performers List, such as personal details and employment details, including number of sessions worked.

To update number of sessions worked:

  • Log in to PCSE Online and navigate to the Performers List home screen.
    Click on Employment Details in the left hand menu. Your current employment details will be displayed.
    You will be asked Are you starting at a new practice?, select No.
  • Please enter the amount of sessions, as a percentage, without including the % symbol. Level of commitment is shown as a percentage. 100% equals ten sessions per week (full time), 50% equals five sessions. Level of commitment cannot amount to more than 100%, even if working at multiple surgeries.
    Click Submit to complete the change request.
  • A pop-up box will appear to prompt you to confirm the change request. Click OK to confirm, or Cancel to return to the previous screen.
  • Once you have submitted your change request, a Case ID will automatically be
    generated by the system. You should use this in any correspondence with PCSE
    regarding the change request.
  • You will receive a letter from PCSE when the change has been completed.

More details are available in our Performer Management User Guide.

This depends on the type of change you are applying to make.  If you are changing your practice this will require approval from your NHS England regional team or CCG.

Yes.  Once your change has been approved on PCSE Online you will need to submit a new Estimate of Pensionable Profit form.  This should be submitted to PCSE using the Contact Us form on PCSE Online.

You will receive an email from PCSE asking you to check PCSE Online to view the changes made to your status.

The number of sessions you work is now a percentage. If you work 10 sessions a week in one practice, this will be 100%.  If you work 6 sessions in a practice, this will be 60%.

To update this information, log into PCSE Online, and go to the Performer List Services home screen.

In the left hand menu, choose Employment Details, and then change the percentage you work in the practice.

If you experience any difficulty with changing your session information, please contact our Customer Support Centre on 0330 014 2884.



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Practice Managers

Please notify your NHS England Local Office of the death of a Performer. 

NHS England should notify PCSE via PCSE Online. Details on how to do this can be found in our guide, PCSE NHS England Local Office User Guide.

No – only PCSE and NHS England can view the documents.

We are continuing to process NPL2 and NPL3 forms that were submitted before 2nd December and we anticipate that these forms will take up to 6 weeks to be processed. Please do not resubmit applications via PCSE Online if you have already submitted them on NPL forms before 2nd December.

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