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GP Performers List for England

All Performers List processes are managed via PCSE Online. From applying to join, to updating personal details on your Performers List record, to applying for 24 hour retirement, you'll find useful information by clicking on the relevant section below.

Please note, those working in secondary care are not required to be registered on the Performers List for England.


Emergency Registered Practitioner Register closing on 30 September 2022

In March 2020 the UK government asked the General Medical Council (‘GMC’) to use their emergency powers under Section 18a of the Medical Act (1983) to give temporary emergency registration or a licence to practise to suitable doctors to support the response to the COVID 19  pandemic. This enabled NHS England to enact the Emergency Registered Practitioner (‘ERP’) provisions set out in The National Health Service (Performers Lists)(England) Regulations 2013 and as a result more than 1600 doctors came forward and were approved to return to support work in general practice.  

NHS England has worked with this group of doctors to ensure that should they wish to remain in practice beyond the emergency period, that they were supported to do so.  The emergency powers will be repealed on 30 September 2022 and therefore any doctors included on the performers list under the ERP provisions on this date will by necessity be removed from the list and will not be permitted to work in general practice. 

Please assure yourself that any doctor that you have contracted with or employed throughout the emergency period and who intends to continue to work beyond 30 September 2022 is legally able to do so.

The public view of the performers list can be found at https://secure.pcse.england.nhs.uk/PerformersLists.

Should you have any questions or queries please contact england.erplists@nhs.net


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