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Practice Mergers and Closures


PCSE should be notified of a practice merger or closure at least six weeks prior to the planned change.

For large changes involving many GP Practices, it is advisable to contact PCSE sooner to allow us to guide you through the process and plan what needs to be done.

Notifying PCSE of a practice merger or closure

All practice merger and closure notifications should be made using the Practice Mergers and Closures notification form. 

You can download the form below and access guidance to assist with the completion of the form. 

Change of bank account details

(Practice Mergers only)

If there is a change of bank account details for your practice as part of a merger, please download and complete the below form. You should submit this to PCSE using the GP Payments new enquiries form.

This must be signed by all partners at your practice.

Where feasible wet signatures should be obtained, however the below e-signature options are also acceptable:

  • ‘Upload an image’ functionality on your signing software to insert signature - a photograph (JPEG) of the wet ink signature.
  • 'Sign document by drawing a signature' using functionality within software such as Nitro, DocuSign etc to insert a signature on to a PDF.

If a practice merger occurs, you will need to advise PCSE which account the newly merged practice wishes to have their payments sent to following the process outlined above.

Estimate of Pensionable Profits

The new estimate of pensionable profits for the practice should submitted via PCSE Online. For more information, click the link below.

Once the new estimate of profit is received and all actions for the merger have completed, the GP Pensions team will update the estimates for the GPs to ensure that the correct contributions are taken from the practice each month.

Requests for patient letters

A merging practice may wish to inform their patients about the upcoming changes, as part of the patient dispersal process.

Requests for patient letters should be emailed to 

Please note, there may be a charge for this service.

Medical records

GP Practices who have medical records to be collected must provide an inventory of the records to be collected.

Approval of notification

Completed forms should be sent to your ICB in the first instance for sight and confirmation of any proposed/planned changes. Your ICB will also need to complete Section 3 of the form.

Submission of notification

Once approved by a Primary Care Commissioner, the responsible party should email the completed Practice Merger and Closure notification form to PCSE at:

Please copy in your ICB contact.

Further support

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