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General GP Payments

What happens with Prescribing and Dispensing Drug payments that are processed in arrears?

PCSE will seek instruction from the ICB as to whether or not drugs payments due prior to the merger are to be transferred to the merged practice or whether other arrangements are being made for the closed practice.

Does the PCSE Online Claims process save practice or the commissioner time?

The claim cannot be submitted without all mandatory information, reducing any errors and chasers. The end to end process is shorter as the claim is added to the payment run once approved and does not require PCSE staff to be involved.

What claim types can be submitted using PCSE Online?

Cost rents and LA Economic rents, Health Centre rent, Health Centre rates, Premises service charge, Water rates, Non-domestic rates, Actual rents, Disposal of clinical waste, Maternity claims and Locum cover costs. Anything outside of this is dealt with outside of the Claims process in PCSE Online.

Why are there three types of paycodes?

Paycodes are determined by claim type and contract type. The practice will choose the claim type and behind the scenes PCSE Online will look at the contract type and assign the correct paycode. These are either PMS/GMS or APMS. 

How can claims be made?

Claims can be managed outside of the PCSE Online claims process and can be submitted directly to your ICB for approval. Please liaise with your ICB on the preferrred method. 

Informing PCSE of a change of practice address

Where a practice is changing its address only (and not as part of a merger with another practice) they will need to inform PCSE once the change has been approved by the commissioning organisation. Please visit the Contact Us page, and select ‘Performers List’ from the drop down menu. Please complete the details requested, and in the message box, please state that you wish to inform PCSE of a change to practice address that is not related to a practice merger. Please also attach/upload evidence from your commissioner that confirms the change of practice address.

The GP practice must also make a request either on letter headed paper, supply a recent invoice, or complete a GP practice banking declaration (where both the GP bank and GP address has changed). These documents should include the GP practice code, GP practice name and the new GP address, please send it to the GP Payments team by visiting the Contact Us page, and select ‘GP Payments' from the drop down menu.

PCSE will then update our records to reflect the new practice address. Please note: personalised stationery can only be ordered through PCSE Online once NHS BSA notify Xerox of the new address. Please contact with any urgent requests for personalised stationery. The Practice Changes team will check that NHS BSA have been informed of your change of address.

If the practice address is changing due to merger, please see further guidance on Practice Mergers and Closures.