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Delivery of supplies

How do I report damaged supplies that have been delivered?

If you have received damaged items in your delivery, please send an email to 

You should include a description of the item(s), order number, when they were delivered, what the issue is, i.e. box split, wet, torn, etc. 

Please also confirm if you need to re-order the damaged item(s).

I have received an order that is not for me, what should I do?

If you receive a delivery of supplies that has been delivered incorrectly to your practice, please complete a New Supplies enquiry or call our CSC on 0333 014 2884. PCSE will then arrange a collection of these items by CitySprint.

We want to change the address patient records are delivered, how can we do that?

Collection and delivery of records will be to your main practice only.  The current NHAIS system identifies main practices and their branches under the same practice code and therefore, records can only be delivered to one site.

We have several branches at different locations, but I want to get all our supplies delivered to one main location?

To order supplies to be delivered to your main practice:

  • Log in to PCSE Online
  • Select the site name from the drop down box underneath ‘Select Organisation and Address.
  • When the site appears, select it.
  • Click on update
  • Click on 'Supplies'

When you place your order it will be delivered to the chosen site.

Are you aware of my practice opening times for courier deliveries?

If you are experiencing problems with the courier delivery due to opening times, or you would like to update your opening times with us, please contact us.

When is my scheduled weekly delivery from CitySprint?

You can view your weekly CitySprint delivery day on the PCSE Online homepage. This should be the same day every week.

How frequently will PCSE deliver to my practice?

Your CitySprint delivery/collection will be once a week to/from your practice. All practices will receive a weekly collection service.

You can view which day CitySprint will deliver/collect to your Main Practice on the PCSE Online homepage.

If you’ve not had a collection of records from CitySprint, or if you’re experiencing an irregular service, please contact us.

How can I find out where my order is?

Check your orders on the PCSE Online homepage by clicking the Track Orders tab.

 Click an individual order to see its current status.