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July 2021 Improvements made to Ophthalmic online system

We’re pleased to confirm the following improvements have been made to our online Ophthalmic solution following system maintenance which took place on Tuesday 13 July:

  • The issue that was preventing PCSE Online users from signing across the whole of the signature box during the past week has now been resolved
  • PVN same day substitutions are now working as expected for eGOS and PCSE Online
  • It is now possible to submit 2 x GOS 6s at the higher rate via eGOS when a GOS 6 has already been rejected for the same visit 
  • A GOS 3 for complex lens eligibility will now be accepted if the near prescription is >10D in the right or left eye only

We will continue to keep you updated on any further improvements to the system.


July 2021 Important changes to lateral flow device test ordering

From Monday 5 July 2021, all orders for lateral flow testing kits for primary care staff should be placed through GOV.UK instead of the PCSE site.

Staff will be able input the postcode of their workplace to ensure the tests are registered as belonging to an NHS member of staff. A box of seven tests will then be posted to their home address.

For further information about this, please read the latest update here.

A new Standard Operating Procedure and Frequently asked Questions for Primary Care Organisations can be found here.

Call 119 for any queries or email england.covid-lfd@nhs.net.

Any order placed through PCSE Online up until midnight on Sunday 4 July will be fulfilled by PCSE.


June 2021 Update for GP Practices: Statements on PCSE Online


We would like to provide you with an update regarding your practice statements and outline some initial issues that we are aware of.
As you know, you now need to log on to PCSE Online to view your Practice statements. This is part of the new GP Payments and Pensions functionality launched on 1 June, and of the wider NHS Digital decommissioning project for Open Exeter.
Since the launch we have been carefully monitoring all aspects of the new service.
We can confirm that payment runs are being processed successfully through the new system. Since it went live at the beginning of this month we have successfully processed 88,000 payments. 

As with any major launch of a new software system there have been some issues, which we are working to address. A summary of these actions is outlined below:

GSUM amounts not showing on statements
If you are a GMS practice or a PMS practice who has opted to be paid a GSUM, you may have noted that there is a defect in the system where the GSUM figure is not showing in the new Statement. We can confirm that all GSUM payments have been made. However, the detail isn’t showing on the statement breakdown.
The team is working to resolve this issue so the statements show all payment amounts correctly. We are sorry for the difficulties this may have caused. To check your GSUM payment you can view your previous month’s statement to get the correct figure.

QOF Achievement payment
We are aware that some practices haven’t received their QOF Achievement payment. Any approved payments which we have received by 18 June will be paid by the end of this month.

Missing pensions deductions
We have had queries about some GP pensions contributions not showing on the new statements. The team is reviewing the data and will provide further information to those affected. If you have not heard from us in the next few days and you feel that pensions deductions are missing from your statement please do get in touch with our Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884 who can advise further.

Late Payments for some Practices
We have identified that there were some missing payments in June for a small number of Practices. Overall, we’ve identified that this relates to <1% of all payments generated. Special payments are being made in June to rectify this and the affected Practices will be contacted shortly.
We are also aware of some areas where LMC levies were not deducted in June. These will be rectified in next month’s contractual payment and deductions will be taken for June alongside the normal July deductions to remedy the situation.
Finally, a further eight Practices were impacted by a defect that affected their drugs recovery payments. The team has since rectified this and is working with the relevant CCGs to manage the processing of these payments.

Missing descriptions for migrated statements
As a result of transitioning data from the older Open Exeter statement format to the new, more detailed online Statements, labels for some of the migrated data items are not showing fully. Our team are reviewing all data labels to ensure these are updated. If you have any questions about historic statements, you can still view these on Open Exeter until this is resolved.
Please be aware that Statements will be available to practices on PCSE Online by the contractual payment date. If you need to view previous statements, you can see these under the ‘migrated statements tab’ in your account.
If you have questions which aren’t covered in this update or our supporting materials, please do get in touch with our 
Customer Support Centre. We have specialist teams on hand to support all users with any queries you have on the new system.

We hope this update has been useful and thank you for your patience as we work to rectify these issues.


June 2021 Ophthalmic June Bulletin

We’d like to share a number of updates with you relating to the Ophthalmic Payments service from PCSE.

In this bulletin we’ve collated the latest information on:

Making claims online
We’re pleased to have seen a rise in the number of contractors now using the online claims systems with 92% submitting claims electronically during May.
Any contractors who are still using paper forms are being contacted to offer guidance to help make the move to online. If we haven’t contacted you yet and you would like some support with switching to online submissions, please get in touch with us at

Patient signatures
The current expectation is patient signatures on GOS claims will become mandatory again from 1 July, so COVID 19 can no longer be used in place of a patient signature.
This will, however, be kept under review by the Department of Health and Social Care. If the guidance is changed, we will let you know.


Retrospective adjustments for sight tests
As you will be aware, the GOS sight test fee and domiciliary fees were increased on the 1 April 2021. The new rates have been paid since 28 April, any claims made after the 1st April and before 28 April will be adjusted on your July GOS payment to reflect the fee increase. This will show as an adjustment on your PCSE Online statement.

PCSE Online Performance
We're continuing work to address the ongoing system latency experienced by some users of PCSE Online in the late afternoons.

We're monitoring system performance and we anticipate an improvement following the planned migration of our data centre, which is scheduled to take place between 1900hrs on Saturday 26 June and 1100hrs on Sunday 27 June. This means PCSE Online will not be available during these times. Please refer to the Business Continuity Guidance below for system downtime.

The issues that affected some users over the weekend of 12/13 June were isolated and were not linked to the intermittent latency described above.

Business Continuity Guidance
We wanted to remind you that PCSE and NHSEI have published Business Continuity Guidance for Ophthalmic Contractors to ensure General Ophthalmic Services can continue when PCSE Online is unavailable, such as during system maintenance downtimes.

It’s important that all practice staff are familiar with the guidance available


Statements issue
We’re sorry we are currently unable to provide statements for old style paper claims due to a defect in the Open Exeter system managed by NHS Digital.
NHS Digital are investigating the issue. We will send out outstanding statements once it has been fixed.

Old Style paper claims
Please note that the Open Exeter system used for processing old paper claims is due to be decommissioned at the end of July which means if you’ve got any old style claims i.e. for sight tests conducted before 1 February 2021, you must submit these as soon as possible so we can get them processed and paid.

Support for rejected paper claims
We’re continuing to support contractors who are using the paper process for the majority of their GOS claims to help reduce the number of rejected forms.
We have been in touch with those contactors who’ve been impacted to highlight the support available. We have also produced a desk aid which is available 
here that can be printed off to help staff with paper claim submissions.
If you have any queries about this or any other items in this bulletin, please get in touch with us by emailing 



June 2021 Our new online GP Pensions and Payments service is live

Today (1 June) we have launched our new GP Pensions and Payments service.

The new online service will allow Practices and GPs working in General Practice to access a range of new services to help manage their payments and pensions administration.

If you’re a GP practice, you will see a number of changes including being able to view monthly Practice Statements, submit estimates and payment claims.

For any GP who is a member of the NHS Pensions Scheme as a GP Partner, Salaried GP or Locum GP, you will be able to use PCSE Online for a number of administrative tasks including submitting End of Year pensions certificates and Self-Assessment forms.


To find out more:

We have created useful guides for the new GP Pensions & Payments service available here and ‘How to’ videos on our YouTube channel.