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August 2018 Applying to join the National Performers List - A guide for foundation dentists

PCSE and NHS England have produced a guide to take foundation dentists step by step through the process of applying to join the Performer's List. Click here to download the guide.

August 2018 GP Pension Total Reward Statements

Important information regarding GP Pension Total Reward Statements

GP Pension Total Reward Statements will be issued by NHS Pensions in two phases in 2018, with the first phase being issued in August and the remainder in December 2018.

These will be available for practitioners to view via www.totalrewardstatements.nhs.uk

For those accounts where full and correct certificates were submitted to PCSE by the 28 February deadline, and where certificates for all previous years had been received and processed correctly, the updated Total Reward Statement will available to view in August. 

For the remaining accounts where full and correct information has now been received, NHS England, PCSE and NHS Pensions are collectively aiming for the updated Total Reward Statement to be made available from December 2018. 

You will be advised directly if any further information is required to update your account.

August 2018 Helping laboratories and clinics to register with PCSE for cervical screening

In order for staff from laboratories and clinics to be able to contact PCSE they must be registered as authorised service users on PCSE’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  

Individuals wishing to use the forthcoming, new online enquiry form or contact PCSE’s Customer Service Centre (CSC) by phone, need to go through an identification and verification process (ID&V).

To ensure the appropriate identification and verification (ID&V) checks are in place Public Health England are kindly supporting our initiative to contact all laboratories and clinics to gather the relevant contact information.   An email explaining the data gathering exercise, along with instructions for completing an excel spreadsheet, was sent out to all labs and clinics on Monday 23 July.  

One spreadsheet per organisation should be completed with the name and contact details of the primary contact and any additional staff that may have a requirement to make contact with PCSE.  We also need the:

  • Organisation Code (which can be found on the NHS Digital website on the NHS Trusts spreadsheet)
  • Laboratory National Code (Labs only)

It is important labs and clinics provide this information as it will enable us to make the relevant updates to the CRM system so that staff in those settings can raise queries

If you are not registered, we may not be able to respond to your enquiry or it may result in a delay in responding.

Please return the completed spreadsheet to Lee.dobbins@capita.co.uk to enable the information to be updated promptly. 

If you did not receive a copy of the form you can download it here.

If you have any queries please contact the National Engagement Team for your area.

July 2018 Katrina Venerus to join PCSE as Special Advisor for Ophthalmic Payments

We are pleased to announce that Katrina Venerus will be joining Primary Care Support England (PCSE) as a Special Advisor and Subject Matter Expert to our Ophthalmic Payments service line. 

Katrina has been a member of PCSE’s stakeholder forum since the start of the contract, providing invaluable insight into the optical sector and representing the voice of the customer. 

As a key figure in the sector, we are delighted she has agreed to bring her expertise to support our operational improvement programme and lend her influence to our transformation plans to modernise the service.

Katrina will be seconded from her current post as Clinical Director at the Local Optical Committee Support Unit (LOCSU) from Monday 23 July 2018.

Richard Whittington, LOCSU’s Chief Operating Officer has given his support for the secondment, saying: “LOCSU and the Optical Confederation are pleased that Katrina is taking up this secondment to provide direct expertise to PCSE’s operational improvement work and the forthcoming transformation of the ophthalmic payments service.

“It is clear that modernisation of the payments service is needed urgently to streamline the claims and payments processes for practices and this secondment fits with of our commitment to supporting NHS England and PCSE to ensure the transformation programme is a success for our sector.”

July 2018 CET Claim window open for 2018

The Department of Health & Social Care have now published the 2018 CET Claim Form.  The window for submissions opened on 2 July 2018 and will remain open until midnight on 1 November 2018.

This year, a new process for submitting 2018 CET claims via our online enquiry form has been agreed to ensure practices are sent an acknowledgement email when a claim has been received.  The subject of the acknowledgement will include the name of the performer that the CET is for, to help easily identify the claim.
Further details explaining the new process are available on our dedicated CET page and the online submission form can be found on the Contact Us page.  Simply select 'CET Claim' from the drop down menu and you will be taken to the dedicated submission form.

FAQs and guidance on CETs.