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November 2018 2018 Capita statement on cervical screening correspondence delay

Primary Care Support England (PCSE), the contract delivered by Capita on behalf of NHS England, is addressing an issue relating to issuing invitation and reminder letters regarding cervical screening correspondence. Letters are being sent to all women who have experienced a delay in receiving cervical screening correspondence. Additionally, there has been an issue relating to issuing results letters.

All women aged between 25 and 64 are eligible for inclusion in the National Cervical Screening Programme, which involves screening most women for cervical disease every three or five years. As part of the contract with NHS England, PCSE supports the National Cervical Screening Programme by producing and sending invitation, reminder and results letters to eligible women.

For invitation and reminder letters, from January to June this year, approximately 43,200 women due to receive letters were sent an invitation letter or a reminder, but not both.

We are writing to the women who only received one letter to remind them to book an appointment and to apologise for the delay in sending a reminder letter. The scale of the screening programme should be borne in mind: approximately nine million letters are produced and sent each year to women in England.

For results letters, GPs are responsible for care, including contacting women who require further examination. GPs or screening clinics have the primary responsibility to notify women of their test result. PCSE additionally sends letters to women informing them of their screening result and these letters are not part of the referral process. A total of 4508 results letters have been delayed this year. Only a small proportion of these results required further examination, and they should all have been contacted directly by their GP.

The risk to women of this incident is low and there is no current evidence of harm, but Capita nevertheless apologises to both the NHS and to the women whose correspondence was delayed.

We have investigated the precise circumstances around this incident, and it is clear that the correct process for uploading, organising and checking datafiles was not properly followed. When the problem was discovered, it was not immediately escalated to senior leadership, or NHS England, by the individuals responsible. Capita is investigating the managerial handling of the matter and taking appropriate disciplinary action. Additionally, a senior executive responsible for this contract has already left Capita.

We have appointed an independent audit team, led by PwC, to carry out a detailed review into operational systems and processes in PCSE. We have upgraded checks in place at every stage of the process and offered NHS England additional resource as this issue was resolved.

October 2018 New online form for Ophthalmic Payment enquiries

In response to feedback from practices and colleagues across the optical sector, PCSE has introduced a new, simple online form for all ophthalmic payment queries.
Please use the new online form to submit your enquiries to PCSE.
The tailor-made form contains different options to ensure your query gets to the right team as quickly as possible. There will be different categories according to who is submitting the form, for example: 

  • Contractor/optical practice
  • Local Optical Committee
  • Member of Public (for HC5 queries only)
  • Regional Local Team

When you have selected the category relevant to you, the intuitive form will guide you to submit the details PCSE needs to ensure the quickest possible response time.
Once you submit your form, you will receive an acknowledgement email confirming your submission, along with a reference number which you can use to follow-up on your enquiry if needed.
Accessing the online form

  • Please visit the ‘Contact us’ page of the PCSE website
  • Scroll down to the enquiries form and select ‘Ophthalmic Payments’ from the drop-down box
  • Enter the required details as requested on the form
  • Keep a record of your case reference number and use it in any subsequent correspondence about your query.

Details you will need to submit a query 
To submit an enquiry via the online form you will need your:
- ODS code (also known as TP code), which begins with 'TP' followed by 3 alpha/numeric characters.  If you do not know the ODS code for your practice you should contact the Exeter Helpdesk on 0300 3034 034 or E-mail: exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net
- Payment System Code: This is your Contractor Code and PCT Code which can be found in the two boxes on the top right corner of your GOS submission headers e.g. 5C5 121
Please note: If you are contacting from an RLT or LOC you can submit queries/requests directly using the form and you will not require this information.

October 2018 New medical records FAQ booklet

A new booklet will be delivered to all GP practices from week commencing 29 October 2018 with your usual medical records collection and delivery.

The booklet has been designed to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions received since the introduction of the new track and trace medical records movement service.

It also includes an overview of the records movement process and a detachable poster to display in record administration areas, which details the instances when a full patient record should be printed before transfer.

We hope you find it useful. An electronic copy of the flyer can be accessed here.

October 2018 New urgent medical record request form - now available

A new online form for requesting urgent medical records is now available. The new form is quicker and easier to complete, and will get the request straight to the team to process. It will also validate the information as it is completed, ensuring that all necessary information is captured correctly, minimising the likeliness for rejections.

When an urgent medical record has been successfully submitted, the user will receive an email notification confirming that the request has been received. The email will contain a case reference number which can be used to follow up on the case if required.

Please note that only contacts registered with PCSE will be able to submit urgent medical record requests using the new form. In order to become a registered contact, the main contact we hold for your organisation can register you on 
PCSE Online via the ‘User Management’ section. Further information about becoming a registered contact with PCSE can be found here

The new form will be available on the Urgent Medical Record Request page within the GP Records section of the PCSE website here.

October 2018 Important information regarding GP Pension Total Reward Statements

Important information regarding GP Pension Total Reward Statements

GP Pension Total Reward Statements will be issued by NHS Pensions in two phases in 2018, with the first phase being issued in August and the remainder in December 2018.

These will be available for practitioners to view via www.totalrewardstatements.nhs.uk

For those accounts where full and correct certificates were submitted to PCSE by the 28 February deadline, and where certificates for all previous years had been received and processed correctly, the updated Total Reward Statement will available to view in August. 

For the remaining accounts where full and correct information has now been received, NHS England, PCSE and NHS Pensions are collectively aiming for the updated Total Reward Statement to be made available from December 2018. 

You will be advised directly if any further information is required to update your account.