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September 2020 Important updates for Domiciliary Providers

Submitting pre visit notifications (PVNs)
Submitting PVNs for domiciliary sight tests is quick and easy to do via PCSE Online, with auto-populated patient details, validation of mandatory fields to ensure accuracy, and instant confirmation that we have received your PVN. Watch this short video on how to do it.  
If you have a Practice Management System (PMS), check with your provider to see if you can submit electronic PVNs and GOS6 via your PMS.
If you are unable to submit PVNs electronically you will need to:

*It’s now mandatory to send the PVN using a NHS mail account. If you don’t already have an NHS mail account, NHS England has created a temporary online application process which takes around 2 weeks.

PVNs for sight tests due to take place from 1 February 2021
All GOS 6 claims for sight tests delivered from 1 February 2021 onwards require a PVN reference number, without this we will be unable to process your claim.
In accordance with regulations PVNs need to be submitted with the following minimum notice period of:

  • 48 hours: for one or two patients at the same address
  • Three weeks: for more than for two patients at the same address

Single payment date
In order to reduce administration for contractors, providers will receive a single GOS payment per month for all claims submitted via PCSE online, PMS eGOS or the new paper forms, even if services are provided in different areas of the country. A monthly statement with a detailed breakdown of all claims paid will be available on PCSE online.
If you are a domiciliary only provider with multiple historic payment dates you can choose any of your current payment dates as your future payment date, meaning that you can opt for whichever date best suits your business needs. If you haven’t already confirmed your future payment date of choice email pcse.optomengagement@nhs.net to let us know. If you have a practice and also provide domiciliary services, payment for all claims will be received on your usual practice payment date.

October 2020 Update: GP Payments and Pensions System launch date

Update on the launch date of the new online system for GP Payments and Pensions administration.  

As you know, the new system has been designed to improve the speed, visibility and tracking of the GP payments and pensions services. It is also a required part of the decommissioning project of National Health Application and Infrastructure Service (NHAIS), which acts as the current data feed for Open Exeter.  

As such, this is a major undertaking which involves multiple organisations and data sets, and is important to get right.  

The new system has now been built and extensive user acceptance testing, security testing, data migration testing and all functional tests have been completed successfully,  

The final test before launching the new system was to run a simulation to provide assurances that the system is robust and will provide a positive experience for users. We have identified some areas for improvement that can be made at this stage before we launch the new service.   

We were initially working towards having the system ready for the end of September but the decision to extend the testing time means that this date will now move. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in the project so far. We will keep you updated on the revised launch date and will continue to work with you to ensure you have everything you need to start using the new service.  

September 2020 Go live date for the new paper GOS forms

As many practices are in the middle of transitioning to the new online GOS claims system, to help make roll outs as smooth as possible, we've moved the date for the introduction of new paper forms to 1 February 2021. This means the current paper forms remain in use until 31 January 2021. 

You will have received a contingency pack of the new style paper forms.  Please keep these forms safe and continue to use the current style forms.

Please note that these new forms are mandatory for use for all your GOS claims from 1 February 2021.


August 2020 Free virtual coaching available for primary care staff

NHS England and NHS Improvement recognise that staff in primary care roles are currently facing many challenges, which is why they’re supporting the frontline workforce with an individual coaching offer called #LookingAfterYouToo.

Available 7 days a week, 7:15am – 10:00pm, staff can book a slot with experienced coaches at a date and time that suits them.
The offer provides staff in clinical and non-clinical roles the opportunity to process their experiences, develop coping skills, deal with difficult conversations and develop strategies for self-management in challenging circumstances.

By developing the skills and knowledge to look after themselves and stay well, they can also go on to deliver high quality care and support in their communities.  

here to find out more.




August 2020 Changes to paper GOS forms

With practices now moving to submitting GOS claims online, the current paper GOS forms are only valid for claims up until 31 January 2021. New style paper forms, designed for use if online claims are not possible, will be in operation from 1 February 2021.
When and how can I order the new style paper forms?
In September every practice will receive a contingency pack of the new style paper forms.  Please keep these safe, ready for use from 1 February 2021.
We will be sending you more information about how to use these forms, when to expect your delivery and how to order them on PCSE Online. In the meantime, here is an example of what they will look like: