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October 2021 2019/20 Pensions Annual Allowance Charge Compensation Policy: GP Applications

GP application forms received between Monday 2 August 2021 and 1 October 2021 are now being processed and will be sent to NHSBSA during the autumn.

The third GP application window will open on the 13 December 2021 and close on the 11 February 2022. This will be the final application window for GPs to submit their Pensions Annual Allowance Compensation Scheme application forms to PCSE for processing ahead of the scheme deadline on 31 March 2022.

You can find further information on this here.


October 2021 Important information about registering Afghan refugees

We are aware that you may wish to register Afghan refugees as patients at your practice. The below information provides guidance on how to do this.


What mandatory information do you need?

Before you contact us for help with registering your patient, the following detail is mandatory and must be completed:

  • Title
  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Address
  • Date of Birth*
  • Gender

*If date of birth is not known, you should use 1 January and the year you think the patient was born.

Please be aware that the NHS case management system requires all of this information and it is not possible to register a patient without this detail.


How can we help?

If you hold all of the above detail and you are unable to register the patient, please call our Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884 and press 6 for Patient Registrations queries. You will need to provide the customer service agent with the above mandatory information as a minimum.


What will happen next?

We will handle these cases as a high priority. If you do not have this information, we are unable to raise a case. In this circumstance, please contact your Area Team or CCG.

August 2021 NHS Pensions release August Total Reward Statement

NHS Pensions refresh Total Reward Statements (TRS) and Annual Benefit Statements (ABS) in August and December each year.

For more information, please visit the NHS Pensions website at www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/total-reward-statements.


Why isn’t my TRS up to date?

There are certain criteria that must be met to ensure certificates are processed in time for the August TRS:

  • A GP’s Performer List record is up to date. For more information how to do this click here
  • All historical certificates have been submitted correctly with accurate information by 28 February deadline*
  • They do not fall into an exception situation where the TRS will not show their details

* We have written to a small group of GPs to inform them that due to an increased volume in submissions, we have been unable to process their certificate in time for the August TRS release date. These will be processed for the December TRS release along with late certificate submissions.

Pension records can only be updated sequentially. This means that, if any certificates from previous years are missing, the most recent years will not show on the system. For instance, if a certificate is missing for the year 2018/19 then the ABS will only reflect the pension figures up until 2017, even if the certificates for more recent years have been submitted. 

You can check for any missing years in PCSE Online – find out more here.

If you are aware of any previous years that are missing certificates, please submit the appropriate form for the missing year via the GP Pensions service on PCSE Online. More information is available here.

Once the missing certificates are submitted correctly and processed, then this will update the system fully for the next ABS release. You can also request a pensions statement at any time directly from NHS Pensions.

More information can be found on their website https://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/member-hub/getting-estimate-your-pension


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August 2021 Important update – Online Forms for Patient Registration requests

We’re changing the process for submitting patient registration requests to online. This will speed up the application process because you’ll be able provide the information needed for us to action your request when you submit the online form.

What’s changing?

There will be a dedicated online form for each type of patient registration request, and a specific date from when each form will be available to use:

  • Patient Removals – Immediate (SAS) and 8-day: available from 30 July
  • Adoption and Gender reassignment: available from 30 July
  • Confusions: available from 16 August
  • Duplicates: available from 16 August

How to complete the online form

  1. To access the form, visit the Contact Us page on the PCSE website, select the Registrations category and choose the appropriate type for your enquiry from the following list:
  • Patient removals - Immediate Removal (SAS)/ 8-day removal
  • Adoption/Gender reassignment
  • Duplicate and Confusion
  1.  Then follow these simple steps:
  • Read the introduction to the form, which contains useful guidance
  • Follow the instructions on the online form 
  • Complete the form and upload any supporting documentation
  • Submit your request

Please note, in order to submit an Immediate Removal (SAS)/ 8-day removal you must be a verified contact at the practice with PCSE. If you are not a verified contact, then your request will not be submitted.

What happens next?

For Patient removals, we will: 

  1. Review and verify the information provided within the online form – we may request additional information if necessary
  2. Process the deduction as requested
  3. Email confirmation to your practice to confirm when this has been actioned or provide the removal date in the case of 8-day deductions. Any additional actions will also be outlined
  4. Notify the patient in writing by 1st class post
  5. Complete your request and close your case

For Sensitive requests (gender reassignments, confusions, and duplicates), we will:

  1. Process your request and verify the information provided within the online form
  2. Involve necessary third parties in order to advance the query, and keep you updated
  3. Communicate the outcome of the query once resolved
  4. Complete your request and close your case

Where can I find more information?

You can find additional information on about Patient Registrations requests on our website.

Please note, as online forms become the main route to request Immediate Removal (SAS)/ 8 day removal, we will start to phase out the use of the 
pcse.patientremovals@nhs.net email address. We’ll update you about this in due course.

August 2021 Important update – Changes to Subject Access Requests and Access to Health Records

The process for making a Subject Access Request (SAR) or Access to Health Record (AHR) request to Primary Care Support England (PCSE) changed from 30 July 2021.

What’s changing? 

From 30 July onwards all SAR and AHR requests can be submitted via a new dedicated online form. This form has been designed to speed up the overall process for all parties by ensuring that all information needed to action your request is available at the start. The form also allows you to upload supporting documentation.

How to complete the online form 

To access the form, visit the 
Contact Us page on the website and select Subject Access Request as the category of your enquiry and Subject Access Request (Medical Records) as the type of enquiry.

Then follow these simple steps:

  • Select the capacity in which you’re submitting the request
  • Tell us if your request is regarding a deceased person
  • If you answer Yes, you will be taken to the Access Health Request form
  • If you answer No, you’ll be taken to the Subject Access Request form
  • Complete the form and upload the supporting documentation
  • Submit your application

Please note, if your application is for the medical records of a living patient, please contact the patient’s registered practice in the first instance.

What happens next?

We will:

  1. Process your application and order the medical record from our offsite storage facility
  2. An NHS England Health Professional will review the request and medical record in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA)
  3. If the Health Professional confirms that the records can be released, a copy of the record will be sent to you electronically by secure email
  4. Your request will be complete

You can find out more about access NHS England encrypted emails here.

Consent to email your completed request 

In agreement with NHS England, PCSE is now able to complete your request via secure email. This is also the fastest way to make a request for access to medical records.
Please note: by submitting your AHR or SAR request online, you are consenting to receive any communication/records via secure email.

Where can I find more information?

You can find additional information about access requests, how we verify your identity, and expected timescales on our Accessing Medical Records pages.