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Latest Updates for GP Practices


06 Mar 2023: Pensions Estimates

We wanted to provide an update regarding support and guidance in submitting Estimates, including a user guide, link to our YouTube video and reminder for the deadline for submission.

03 Mar 2023: OoH providers pensions update

We wrote to Out of Hours Providers with guidance for an upcoming change with NHS Pensions for pension contributions for GPs working under a contract for service and pensioned via the Solo route.

24 Feb 2023: EoY Pensions - Deadline reminder

Update regarding support and guidance in submitting End of Year forms, including a step by step guide and a reminder for the deadline for submission.

21 Feb 2023: GP Practice Monthly Update

Please see our update on recent improvements and important updates from February, including helpful resources and a link to our YouTube channel.

13 Feb 2023: PCN newsletter February 

We provided key updates to users of the Primary Care Network (PCN) payments process, including; User Access, updates to the issue log and reminders about forthcoming developments.

01 Feb 2023: Supply chain update

We wrote to GP Practices to update on recent shortages and delays affecting key sterile products, including a list of impacted stock.


GP Practice News Archive

Latest Updates for Dental, Ophthalmic and Pharmacy Practices


22 Feb 2023: Ophthalmic NHSE Levy change

We wanted to remind you about how you can access your statements on your PCSE Online account in light of the recent change NHSE has implemented to LOC levies.

03 Feb 2023: Ophthalmic GOC Issue resolved 

We are pleased to let you know our technical experts have resolved the issue with the PCSE online system. PCSE Online is now able to recognise and accept GOC numbers in all formats.

01 Feb 2023: Ophthalmic GOC Issue

We wrote to users to advise that PCSE Online is only accepting GOC numbers in certain formats and to provide interim guidance while a fix is implemented.

26 Jan 2023: Ophthalmic Bulletin

We’d like to share a number of updates with you relating to the Ophthalmic Payments service from PCSE including the top 5 reasons for rejections and how to avoid them.

26 Jan 2023: Change of local office requests 

NHS England have requested PCSE make changes to aspects of the performer list management process. During testing the PCSE Operations Team have identified a defect that will impact NHS England regions who attempt to reject a request from a performer to change their local office.

06 Feb 2023:  PCSE update webinar ICBs Follow Up

We sent out a communication to all attendees at our recent webinar, including a link to the recording on the PCSE YouTube channel and guidance on the escalation process.



Dental, Ophthalmic and Pharmacy News Archive