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April 2018 Private pension payment queries - Information for GPs

Please note that PCSE is unable to answer queries regarding private pension schemes. NHS England advises
practitioners to contact the CCG or NHS local area team that requested the deduction of private pension contributions from the practice payment.

April 2018 Important information: postal address for PCSE

Some correspondence for PCSE is still being received by the previous NHS England PCS sites and these will start to be returned to sender.  To ensure your queries and requests can be processed as efficiently as possible, please ensure you are aware of the correct contact details to use, which can be found here.

March 2018 Registration process for adopted patients

It is important that GP practices are aware of the steps that need to be taken when a patient is adopted. Following the process will ensure continued patient care and ensure there isn’t an impact on your practice payments.

When a patient is adopted, they are given a new NHS number and must be registered as a new patient at your practice. All previous medical information relating to the patient needs to be transferred into a newly created medical record.

The process is as follows:

  • The National Back Office send the patient’s new NHS number and any other amended details (e.g. name, address) to PCSE
  • PCSE sends the GP practice a deduction notification for the patient and emails the main contact we hold for the practice (if available) the new details for the patient  
  • GP practice accepts the deduction and registers the patient using the new details provided by PCSE. Important: Do not update the patient’s original record with their new NHS number. If this happens they will not be registered and will miss out on continuity of care
  • PCSE sends a new patient medical record envelope with the patient’s updated details to the GP practice
  • GP practice creates new patient record using new details, and transfers all previous medical information from the original medical record. Any information relating to the identity or whereabouts of the birth parents should not be included in the new record.


It is important that practices complete the new registration for the patient within five working days to ensure no interruption to patient care.

For further information please click here to download our guide for GP practices.


January 2018 Outstanding medical records - FAQs

Over the last year, some practices have reported that they have not received medical records they were expecting. Following a detailed analysis, it was found that the largest proportion of records were still with the previous GP practice where the patient had been registered.

In order to move these outstanding records from previous to new practices, PCSE has been delivering tracking labels for medical records held at practices where the patient is no longer registered.

Practices in phases one and two of the new records movement service started to receive labels for outstanding records between November 2017 and January 2018.

Practices in phases three and four will receive labels for outstanding records in due course.

Further information is being provided to practices individually by email. We thank you for your continued cooperation with this.

For FAQs regarding this please click here

January 2018 Obtaining GP prescribing numbers, G referral codes and local codes

When a GP joins a new practice they will need to complete an NPL 2/3 (change to circumstance or status). Details on the performers list change notification process are available here.

PCSE will send the performer a change notification confirmation letter which includes their prescribing number, G referral code, and their local code. 

It is important that GP codes used at previous practices are not used in new practices. This would result in new patient registrations being assigned to the previous practice and the patient’s medical records would also then be sent to there.

Practice's that require these codes for GP's joining their practice should ask the GP for a copy of their change notification confirmation letter.