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August 2019 Reminder to submit estimate of GP (and non-GP) Providers NHS Pensionable Profits/Pay

We have noticed that some practices don’t always submit estimate forms when practitioners leave/join the practice. To Improve processes and to avoid large adjustments at the end of the financial year when you have recieved confirmation from PCSE to say the leaver or joiner's NPL3 has been processed please ensure:



FAQs on Estimates can be accessed on the ‘Help’ page of the PCSE website.

August 2019 We would like to give you an update on end of year processing

To ensure all GP pension records are fully up to date PCSE have prioritised the processing of historical certificates that have been submitted as part of the amnesty agreed with NHS England. There have been an extraordinarily high volume of certificates submitted this year, due to the amnesty which allowed historic certificates, dating back up to 10 years, to be submitted. During this period, responses to queries may take longer than usual. With the volumes of historic certificates submitted this has meant that not all 2017/18 certificates will be processed in time to appear in the August TRS release on 21 August.However, these will all be processed by October 11 to appear in the December TRS.

Pension records can only be updated sequentially, if certificates from previous years are missing, the most recent years cannot be updated. For instance, if certificates have only been received and processed for the years 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2017/18 then the TRS will only reflect the pension figures up until 2012. Once the missing certificates are submitted correctly and processed then this will update the system fully for the next TRS release.

If you have any questions about your TRS please contact NHS Pensions on 0300 3301 351 or nhsbsa.trs@nhsbsa.nhs.uk.

July 2019 Update on data quality checks on GP practices patient lists

In the June GP bulletin we talked about helping to maintain the quality of GP practice patient lists by running data quality checks on them. So far, we have successfully run the checks on patients aged over 100, these checks will be run every 6 months.  We will keep you updated on the progress of the next phases.

What patient data quality checks are being run next?

To help to answer any further questions you may have about data quality checks we have added some FAQs on the help page of the PCSE website which can be accessed here.

July 2019 Transfer of the Cervical Screening Administration Service

NHS England have confirmed that the Cervical Screening Administration Service will transfer back to the NHS on 1 August 2019 and the service will be managed by the NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS).  Commissioning Support Units are part of the NHS and provide a range of services to NHS organisations locally and nationally

Operational responsibility will be taken over by the North of England and Midlands and Lancs Commissioning Support Units (CSUs), who are working with PCSE to ensure a safe transition of the service.

Contacting NHS Cervical Screening Administration Services from 1 August 2019

Some of the contact points for customers and stakeholders will change from 08.00 on 1 August 2019 as part of the service transition.

Email addresses that include ‘pcse’ will change, e.g.


Old PCSE email address

New CSAS email address






CSAS.Labs@nhs.net  (this is Leeds, and for Lab use only for all results, enquiries and queries)


CSAS.Labs-Preston@nhs.net (for Lab use only for all results, enquiries and queries)




  • Online forms will be hosted on a new NECS website at csas.nhs.uk.  Web content will transfer, including forms such as cease/defer/reinstate.  End users will see no difference to these forms other than a change in branding (see above) and instructions about contact points.
  • Any submissions to PCSE right up to the point of change will be processed.
  • After 1 August 2019, any email sent to previous PCSE inboxes will have clear redirect information for service users.  Similar messages on the PCSE website and cervical screening messages will have redirect links to NECS new website at csas.nhs.uk. This will remain in place for a period of time.
  • The PO Box will change from 1 August for paper correspondence, new details are as follows: PO Box 572, Darlington DL1 9AG.
  • During the transition, telephone contact will continue to be routed through the PCSE Customer Support Centre and the number (0333 014 2884) will remain in place.

In the meantime, please continue to use existing PCSE contact points for requests and queries about the current service.

Any questions specifically about the service transfer can be emailed to necsu.cervicalscreening@nhs.net


July 2019 New Cervical Screening Prior Notification List (PNL) guide

To ensure that women are invited for cervical screening at the appropriate time it is important that PNLs are completed accurately and regularly on Open Exeter by GP practices. To help GP Practices do this, we have produced a PNL guide which covers the following topics:

We hope that you find the information useful

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