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Temporary Resident forms (GMS3)

A patient who is away from home and temporarily resident in your practice for at least the next 24 hours and needs to see a doctor for medical advice or treatment is classed as a temporary resident.

A GMS3 form should be completed, with the patient's administrative details and the notes concerning their illness. The form can be completed for patients who are offered telephone advice, immediate necessary treatment, contraceptive services, minor operations, vaccinations, dental haemorrhage and so on.

The form does not need a signature, but needs to be filled in accurately, so that all information is legible. Once the patient's care is complete and they have returned home, the form should then be returned to the patient's registered practice. Find out more about the process for practices below. 

If you are a member of the public, looking for advice on registering with a practice as a temporary resident, click here.



Returning GMS3 forms at a temporary patient's registered practice

GMS3 forms can be scanned and uploaded to the records section of PCSE Online by selecting ‘Submit GMS3 Forms’ on the screen header. The upload facility is on the left-hand side of the page.  Please ensure all sides of the form are scanned. Save each patient form as a separate PDF file and include the patient's name in the file name. Click here to watch a video on the process. 

If your practice does not have a scanner, you can request a label for GMS3 forms through the records section of PCSE Online and send the forms to PCSE using the shipping bags you use to move medical records. Just one label is needed per bag and you can put as many GMS3 forms in a single bag. 

To order a label, log into PCSE Online:

  • Choose Records on the menu bar, then select Submit GMS3 forms
  • On the right hand side, in the CitySprint collection box, select how many labels you would like using the + and - buttons
  • Click Request tracking label(s)

The label(s) will be delivered along with your other medical record movement labels.



Receiving GMS3 forms

Once the practice, where your patient registered as a temporary resident, returns the GMS3 form via CitySprint or uploads it into PCSE Online, we will then notify your practice's Practice Record Entry clerk users by email. 

The user can log into PCSE Online, choose Records on then menu bar, then View GMS3 forms. The GMS3 forms are listed and can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF, then saved electronically into your clinical system or print and store in the patient's medical records. 



Archiving received GMS3 forms

Once a record has been downloaded and/or printed, the user can choose the Archive button next to the file name. The file will then be marked as archived, with a date. 



Support Content

Support content for managing Detained Estate Practice GMS3/Clinical notes for temporary residents.


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