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Open Exeter access control and re-setting password

PCSE supports Open Exeter users with access control issues. Use the quick links below to find the help you need. 

For any Open Exeter technical issues, such as what NHS organisations can or can't see in their system, please visit the NHS Digital Open Exeter for contact details.


Quick Links


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Primary Users

Each organisation using Open Exeter should have a primary user, who manages user access for other members of staff, for example, a practice manager for a GP Surgery. 

The Primary User can add, amend and delete users and reset passwords. A Primary User is also known as a Primary Contact.

Organisations with a Primary User already set up find this to be the quickest and easiest way to manage access control, including password resets, and have two Primary User accounts to support this.

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Check your Primary User

You can easily check if you are already the Primary User.

  • Log in to Open Exeter
  • Click on the drop down menu under ‘Application’
  • If you already have access to set up new users and to reset passwords of existing users then ‘Organisation Maintenance’ will be one of the applications listed
  • See the Organisation Maintenance Guide for more information

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Setting Up a Primary User

If you do not have the 'Organisation Maintenance' option under the 'Application' drop down menu, or your organisation does not yet have/needs a new or additional Primary User, you can download and complete the appropriate form below.

Please ensure the form is signed by an authorised signatory, otherwise we are unable to process the request. 

Upon receipt of the completed form, we will validate the authorised signatory, and will then authorise your organisation's request for a Primary User, 



GP Practice

Set up a Primary User for your GP Practice


Download and complete the form to request that a member of staff in a GP Practice to be set up as a Primary User.

This form must be signed by one of the following signatories:

  • Lead GP
  • GP Partner
  • Caldicott Guardian
  • Existing Primary Contact
  • Member of the Board of Directors

One of the above signatories needs to validate the application and to grant access for a Primary User to be set up.

The Primary User can then in turn add/delete users within their GP practice, in Open Exeter.

Email your completed form to pcse.openexeter@nhs.net


Other Organisations

Set up Primary User access for your organisation


To request a Primary User to be set up within your organisation (non-GP Practice), download and complete the form. 

The form must be signed by one of the following signatories, in order to validate the request to create the Primary User:

  • Caldicott Guardian
  • Member of the Board of Directors
  • An existing Primary User within the organisation

Once the Primary User is created for your organisation, they can add/delete users in Open Exeter.

Email your completed form to pcse.openexeter@nhs.net



Good to know

Whichever form you complete, it requires a signature from the authorised signatory at the bottom of page 1 and the top of page 2. 

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Useful Info

Here are links to useful How-to guides on using Open Exeter or see our FAQ section below.


Setting up a new user

The Primary User for your organisation can create an account within Open Exeter for other members of staff. See the Organisation Maintenance guide on how to create a new user.

Once this account is created, Open Exeter generates an email to PCSE, notifying us of the new user. We'll authorise the new user and issue them with a password.

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Requesting additional permissions for an existing user

In order to request additional permissions for an existing user, an email needs to be sent to pcse.openexeter@nhs.net, by one of the following authorised signatories:

  • Lead GP
  • GP Partner
  • Caldicott Guardian
  • Member of the Board of Directors

The email must come from an NHS email address.

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Requesting financial access

When requesting financial access for a user, the authorised signatory (Lead GP/GP Partner/Caldicott Guardian/Member of the Board of Directors) also needs to provide the following information:

  • GP’s full name
  • Position at practice (Lead GP/GP Partner)
  • Name of user the financial access is required for
  • User code
  • Permissions required e.g. Drug Payments and/or GP statements
  • Organisation code
  • Organisation name and address

Again, the email must come from an NHS email address, and can be sent to pcse.openexeter@nhs.net

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If you still have an Open Exeter query or support issue, please email pcse.openexeter@nhs.net

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General enquiries

What happens if you don’t have access?

If you find your organisation doesn’t have this option within the drop down menu, please email us at: pcse.openexeter@nhs.net. We can authorise a Primary Contact within your organisation to access the system. Your Primary Contact will then be able to reset passwords and add other Open Exeter users for your organisation.

If you set up a new user for your practice, it will generate an email to PCSE and we will then authorise the user and issue them with a password.

If you are a new user of Open Exeter, please see the how-to guides listed above which cover frequently asked questions from users.

We have produced a 'how to' guide to help you view GP Registrar payments on Open Exeter statements. You can download it here.