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View and set APMS/PMS baselines


APMS/PMS baselines need to be set at the start of each financial year via PCSE Online. 

Practice information for annual reviews and submissions can also be stored here. 

Commissioners can view the payment history for a practice on PCSE Online and use the previous year’s figures to set a new practice baseline.

Visibility of Global Sum capitation data for PMS practices

It is possible to allow your PMS practices to have visibility of the quarterly Global Sum Capitation data. 

To do this, please set the A/PMS & PMS baseline payments using this functionality.

The guide below provides more detailed information on how to do this.

Note to commissioners:

Depending on the practice's contractual payment date, the data may not be shown on their statement until Month 2 of the quarter.

This is due to the processing the national Global Sum. 

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