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Completing and submitting form

I was abroad for a year in the past and I didn’t pay any pension then. Will my years before I went not be updated?

You only need to submit forms for years where you undertook work in a primary care setting as a Principal or Salaried GP. 

If a GP received back pay during 2022/23, which included arrears for the first part of the year, do we include the arrears for the month arrears were received or the month accrued?

Arrears should be included in the period the earning applied to.

Do Partners complete Type 1 and Type 2?

Partners need to complete a Type 1 form. 

If you have been a Partner and a salaried GP in the same year you will need to complete a Type 1 and Type 2 form for that year.

I'm a salaried GP but my pension contributions are being taken as a partner. PCSE Online has registered me as a Type 1 practitioner as Partner. I can't submit a Type 2 form.

If your income type is showing as profit share when you were a salaried GP, please make sure you submitted a Performer employment change from partner to salaried GP on PCSE Online and that it is showing as approved. If it is Pending, speak to the Practice Manager to get this approved.

If your employment status as partner is approved, speak to the Practice Manager as they will need to update your income type. This is done by them completing the Pensions “Leaver” form on PCSE Online to end your partner role and then completing a Pensions Joiner form to commence your role as a salaried GP. This will automatically update your Employee Contribution Statement on PCSE Online. After these steps have been completed you will be able to submit your end of year form for 2022/23.

If you have never been a partner at the practice, please use the “Pensions Contribution Query” option on the Contact Us form and provide the details of how what you are expecting to see on your statement differs from what PCSE Online is showing so that we can investigate for you.

We encountered an error when filling out 2022/23 Type 2 form and it now says it has been submitted. Who can help?

This sounds like a technical issue with your PCSE Online account. Please contact our Customer Support Centre for help.

There is no 'April-Sept' tab visible, only a tab for 'Oct-March' and Total Pay Summary'.

This will be because we only have contributions recorded for you in the Oct-Mar period. If this is incorrect, please check that your Performer record on PCSE Online shows the correct start date for the post. 

If your Performer record does show the correct start date, please contact us as the Pensions team will need to update the Pensions Joiner form to correct the start date. 

If your Performer record on PCSE Online shows the incorrect start date, please contact us to get this rectified in the first instance and then the Pensions Joiner form will need to be corrected.

After these steps have been completed you will be able to submit your end of year form for 2022/23.

When do 2022/23 Type 2 forms have to be submitted by?

The deadline for submissions Sunday 31 March, which is an extension to the usual date of 28 February each year.

How can I get my NHS Pensions )NHSP) scheme number for pensions?

Find out more here

My employers do not know what their correct ODS code is.

You will find the ODS code for the organisation you worked for in the Employee Contribution Statement screen on PCSE Online. 

You need to select the correct financial year and click on the 'select practices' dropdown.

If I first started as a salaried GP in Sept 2023, when do I submit a Type 2 form?

The 2022/23 form needs to be completed by a GP is they worked between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023. 

If your first post was September 2023, the first Type 2 form you will need to complete will be the 2023/2024 form. 

This will be published towards the end of 2024 by NHS Pensions.

I did start the 22/23 Type 2 form but did not finish it as I was not sure how to do that, now it is not allowing me to select that from the drop down menu. What to do?

If you started your 2022/23 form, and saved it or exited without submitting, it will be saved as a draft. You can find this draft on the listings screen. 

Find out more here - the guidance applies to Type 1 and Type 2 forms.

How do I submit the Type 2 medical practitioner self assessment of tiered contributions?

You can submit your Type 2 form using PCSE Online.

If you are not using PCSE Online, forms should be submitted to PCSE by visiting the Contact Us page and completing a new GP Pensions enquiry. 

Forms can also be completed and sent by post to Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN.

Which figures go into the Type 2 end of year forms?

If you are unsure, you will need to speak with an accountant or financial adviser.

How do I calculate my total pay for a Type 2 form, is it gross pay, pensionable pay or taxable pay?

A salaried GP’s pensionable income is their Practice salary (including overtime), plus any ad hoc income net of expenses.