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End of year processes


There are two different end of year forms for GP Pension Scheme members. 

The form a GP needs to complete depends on the type of work they do.

End of year formType of work
Type 1 Certificate
  • Partner (in a practice)
  • Partner and solo 
  • Partner and locum 
  • Partner and solo and locum 
Type 2 Self Assessment
  • Salaried (in a practice)
  • Salaried and solo 
  • Salaried and locum 
  • Salaried and solo and locum 
  • Solo 
  • Solo and locum 
No form required
  • Solely Locum 

Getting started 

  • 1

    Log into PCSE Online

  • 2

    Select the GP Payments and Pensions tab

  • 3

    Click Annual Certificate Listing screen

Use the navigation at the top or bottom of the page to find out more about the End of Year process relevant to the type of work you complete.

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