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GP Partners & Non-GP Partners

As a GP Partner or non-GP Partner, you will need to complete a Type 1 Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profits for each financial year, so that NHS England and NHS Improvement can ensure that all NHS pension contributions have been correctly paid, by yourself and your employers, and allocated correctly to your NHS Pension Scheme record. You must submit your certificate each year by 28 February.

Please note: there are two types of Type 1 Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profits, one relates to a partnership or single-handed GP. The other relates to a Limited Company.

Pension records can only be updated sequentially. This means that, if any certificates from previous years are missing, the most recent years will not show on the system. For instance, if a certificate is missing for the year 2015/16 then the ABS will only reflect the pension figures up until 2015, even if the certificates for more recent years have been submitted. Therefore if you are aware of any previous years that are missing certificates, please submit the appropriate form for the missing year. 

From 1 June, you will be able to submit Type 1 Annual Certificates of Pensionable Profits via PCSE Online.

Use the tiles below to find out more about the new online pensions service, or to download forms from the NHSBSA website and once completed, submit via our enquiry form. 


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