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Annual Certificate

When you're ready to submit your 2020/21 Type 1 Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profits (the next deadline is 28 February 2022), just log into PCSE Online, select the GP Pensions tab and click the Annual Certificate option from the dashboard.

To make sure everything's correct, check out your details on the form and the financial years you've already submitted. 


Check your details

If you're a member of more than one pension scheme, choose the appropriate scheme from the drop down list. 

If your National Insurance number is missing or incorrect, please enter the correct number in the box. 

Check your current practice(s) are displayed. You can make any corrections about your practice or any past practice, via the Performer Management option in PCSE Online. Click here for more information on how to update your employment details.

Annual Certificate

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Check for missing years

Under the Financial Year section, you'll see at a glance which years you have already submitted and are completed. Any years shown in red are missing or incomplete. 

You can complete an Annual Certificate form for any missing years. 

Check for Missing Years

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Review end of year certification

The End of Year Certification screen allows you to select the financial year and practice from a drop down list. Alternatively you can search by practice.

Your contributions, AVC, Top Up, ERBO and Employer contribution amounts will be displayed.

Annual Certificate

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Type 1

Type 1 Annual Certificate Video