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GOS6 Pre-visit Notifications


A pre-visit notification (PVN) must be submitted for a domiciliary visit in line with regulations. 

You can only claim a domiciliary fee in respect of a patient who is eligible for a GOS sight test, if they are unable to leave home unaccompanied for reasons of physical or mental illness.

Submitting PVNs via PCSE Online or eGOS provides instant confirmation of the PVN reference number that needs to be included on the GOS6 claims you complete for the visit. 

You need a PVN reference to submit a GOS6 claim:

Please do not submit any GOS6 claims completed for a domiciliary visit until you have received a PVN reference as this is a mandatory field that needs to be included on the claim form.

The PVN process

Create a PVN

To create a PVN, click on GOS6 on the Make a Claim screen, and then click on Create a GOS6 PVN

PVN Details

  • Enter the contractor’s name and email address – the system will have prefilled fields already based on the organisation you are logged into
  • Enter the date of the visit, from the calendar
  • Enter the approximate time of the visit
  • Enter the postcode of the residential address where the patient is to be seen, to search for the address online or enter the address manually
  • Choose the type of premises from the dropdown list (Home, Residential Home, Nursing Home, Day Centre, Sheltered Housing)
  • Enter the contact name for the premises
  • You can click on Save Address to save the address entered or Amend to make changes
  • If you save the address, the system will generate a PVN number for your future reference
  • If you amend, a PVN number will not be generated until you save the address

Patient List

  • The Patient List shows the list of patients added to the PVN, in the Patient Maintenance section
  • From the patient list, you can delete patient or amend patient

Patient Maintenance

  • Add a patient’s details to the PVN, in Patient Maintenance
  • Add first name and surname
  • Enter date of birth
  • Enter NHS number, and date of last sight test if known
  • Indicate if this is their first test or unknown
  • If this is a re-test at less than the standard interval, choose the appropriate code from the drop down list
  • Click on Save Patient
  • The patient will be displayed in the Patient List grid
  • You can add a maximum of 3 patients to a PVN – add more patients to a PVN in the Amend GOS6 PVN section
  • Once you have finished adding patients to the PVN, click on Submit to send the PVN to PCSE – the system will check and validate the information and flag anything that needs to be amended or updated
  • If you are not ready to submit the PVN, you can choose Save for Later – the information will not be checked or validated or Close

Exception Reasons

  • This section is not applicable when creating a PVN
Search for an existing PVN

You can search for an existing PVN from the GOS6 section.

You can enter any of the following criteria in the Pre-visit Notification (PVN) – Search screen:

  • Search by Date From
  • PVN Reference number
  • Date of Visit (From and To)
  • PVN Status
  • Premises Postcode
  • Notification Date (From and To)

Select Search to view the results or Close to discard the details entered.

The search results will be displayed and you can click the following options next to the PVN:

  • PVN Reference Number
  • Amend Patient Details
  • Add Patients (maximum of 3 per PVN)
  • Cancel GPOS6 PVN
  • Open
    • Click on a PVN reference number or Open to see the Patient List for a particular PVN

Access the Ophthalmic Payments user guide for more support.

Amend a PVN in advance

In the Amend an existing PVN section, you can add, substitute or delete patients in a PVN in advance of a domiciliary visit, in line with regulations

Amend a PVN in advance

  • From the search screen, next to the PVN you want to amend, click Amend Patient Details
  • The Patient List will be displayed and you can choose Amend PatientDelete Patient or Add Patient
  • Enter the patient’s details
  • Click Save Patient
  • The amended details will now be displayed in the Patient List
Same Day Additions and/or Substitutions

Regulations stipulate that up to three changes (additions or substitutions) may be made at the time of the notified visit, but only if it would not have been possible to give 48 hours’ notice. For example, a new resident or a person who has only just developed an eye or vision problem.

Same Day Additions and/or Substitutions

  • Search for the PVN in the PVN Search screen
  • Click Add Patients (Max 3)
  • The Patient List will be shown
  • Make the necessary changes to patient details in the Patient Maintenance section
  • Click Save Patient
  • Submit the PVN
Amend Patient details on the day of the visit

You may find out at the time of the domiciliary visit that the patient information provided to you, either by the patient or their representative to create the PVN, is incorrect. If that is the case, the patient’s details can be amended.

Amend Patient details on the day of the visit

  • Search for the PVN in the PVN Search screen
  • Click Amend
  • The Patient List will be shown
  • Make the necessary changes to patient details in the Patient Maintenance section
  • Click Save Patient
  • Submit the PVN
Same Day Venue Substitution

If on the day of the visit, you are unable to visit a residence previously notified for reasons beyond your control, for example, an illness breakout at the care home, another venue may be substituted. This is provided:

  1. NHS England has already been notified of a planned visit to the alternate venue and this visit has not yet taken place
  2. You inform NHS England and they agree to the substitution

Same Day Venue Substitution

  • Under the GOS 6 options, click on GOS 6 Venue substitution
  • Enter the current PVN reference number or search for the PVN using the search button
  • The current date and time of the PVN will be displayed
  • Enter the new visit date and time
  • Enter the PVN reference number to be used instead, or search using the search button
  • Enter the approval details
  • Click on Submit
  • The PVN details are validated and the venue substation is complete

Unable to submit PVN electronically?

If you are unable to submit PVNs electronically, you will need to complete this standard PVN template below and send it from a secure email account to

Further support

The user guide below provides more detailed information about the PVN process.

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