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Submitting a CPD claim

CET window:

The 2024 claim window will run from 1 July 2024 to on or before 31 October 2024.

About Continuing Professional Development Claims

Continuing professional development (CPD) claims, formerly known as Continuing Education and Training (CET), are submitted via PCSE Online - the online process is quick and easy. Performers create and sign their CPD claim and the contractor signatory signs and submits the Performer's CPD claim. 

Both Performers and contractor signatories need to be registered to use PCSE Online. Find out how to register here.

The CPD claim value for 2023 is £596. The payment applies to CPD undertaken between 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023, which will be paid to contractors in the following month's payment run, after the claim has been processed.

Performers - make your claim

  • Log in to PCSE Online, select 'Ophthalmic', then 'Make a Claim', then 'CPD'
  • Check your details shown on screen
  • Sign the declaration
  • Select 'Save awaiting Contractor signature'
  • Your claim will then be waiting on a contractor signatory in the practice to sign and submit

Please note: If the Performer is also a Contractor Signatory, once the claim has been saved, they will be directed to a new page which they need to read, sign the declaration and click ‘submit’ to complete.

If you are a Locum, you can make CPD claims through any contractor you have previously worked for.

The contractor will need to link your PCSE Online account to their practice then you can create your claim.

Contractors  - submit claims

  • Log in to PCSE Online, select 'Ophthalmic', then 'Search for a claim'
  • Search for the claim using the drop down menu and click ‘Open’ to view the claim
  • Read and sign the declaration
  • Click ‘Submit’ to complete

This completes the CPD claim process. 

More information

Please note, the only roles that can submit CPD claims are GOS Performer and Contractor Signatory. Other roles who try to submit a claim, for example GOS Claims Manager, will get an error message.

If you need more support in making your claim, take a look at our CPD Claim video guide below.

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