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The CET window for 2020 is now closed. 

CET Claims


The claims window is open on Saturday 1 August and will run until Monday 30 November.


What's new

This year, all CET claims will need to be submitted via the PCSE Online portal. The online process is quick and easy, and will improve the overall service, from claim submission to final payment.

Performers need to submit their CET claim, and need to be registered for PCSE Online. 

The contractor signatory then needs to approve the Performers CET claim, and also needs to be registered for PCSE Online. 


How to register

Performers and Contractors who have not already registered on the PCSE Online portal will need to register to submit claims via the PCSE Online portal.



To get registered you need to ask your practice's User Administrator to set you up and attach you to the practice you work at.

This is easy to do, they just need to:

  • Log in to PCSE Online
  • Click on the 'User Management' tab
  • Select ‘Performer Registration’ and find your details by searching for your GOC number
  • When they have found your details they need to assign you with both "Performer" and "GOS Performer" roles
  • Once this has been completed by your User Administrator you are ready to make your claim

If your User Administrator finds they need support, our Ophthalmic User Management guide is available to download here.

If your Contract Holder has not assigned a User Administrator, please ask them contact PCSE's Registrations team at pcse.user-registration@nhs.net to set this up.

Please note: if you are a Locum you can make CET claims through any contractor you have previously worked for. The contractor will need to register you and then you can make your claim.



The contractor or a designated contractor signatory needs to sign and submit a CET claim. If your practice has not registered for PCSE Online yet, you need to contact PCSE's user registration team at pcse.user-registration@nhs.net, with your practice details and we will take you through the registration process.


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CET Claim video guide


Take a look at our Katrina Explains playlist

How to submit claims

Here is what Performers and Contractor Signatory’s need to do on PCSE Online.


The Performer needs to:

  • Log into PCSE Online and select ‘Ophthalmic’ and then select ‘make a claim’ and select ‘CET’
  • A page will appear where they need to check their details, sign the declaration, and select ‘Save awaiting Contractor Signatory’.

Please note: If the Performer is also a Contractor Signatory, once the claim has been saved, they will be directed to a new page which they need to read, sign the declaration and click ‘submit’ to complete.


The Contractor Signatory needs to:

  • Log into PCSE Online and select ‘Ophthalmic’ and then select ‘Search for a claim’.
  • They need to search for the claim using the drop down menu and click ‘Open’ to view the claim
  • Read and sign the declaration and click ‘submit’ to complete.


Please note, the only roles that can submit CET claims are GOS Performer and Contractor Signatory. Other roles who try to submit a claim, for example GOS Claims Manager, will get an error message.