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How to claim your CET grant in 2019

The window for submitting CET claims to PCSE opens on 1 July and closes on 31 October. 

Following the successful introduction of PCSE’s online form to upload and submit CET claims last year, PCSE is encouraging greater uptake of the facility in 2019.

Completed forms should be scanned and uploaded via the ‘CET Claim’ option on our Online Enquiry form.

The process for submitting the form online follows a few simple steps and provides a fast, simple, easy way to make a CET claim. It removes the added time and cost of postage and automatically generates a unique case reference number for every claim.

Feedback from contractors who used the online form last year told us: 

“It was straightforward and easy to do.”

“Fantastic. I submitted for four practices across three regions and they all came back paid the month after they were sent in. The electronic method works and a case reference for each really helps.”

Confirmation that the CET has been submitted
Each CET claim received by PCSE will be assigned a case reference number.  This will be provided on the confirmation screen when the form is submitted.  It will also be sent in a follow-up email to confirm the claim form has been received by PCSE.   The subject of the email will include the name of the performer it relates to:
e.g.  Continuing Education and Training (CET) PERFORMER NAME CAS-1234567-A1B2C3
The case reference number should be quoted in any subsequent correspondence regarding the claim. 

Confirmation that the CET has been processed for payment

Once the CET claim has been processed an email will be sent to confirm the CET grant will be paid in the next GOS payment run and the case has been closed.

Please note it is important that the form is submitted from an email that the practice/organisation has registered with PCSE Online.  This will ensure the sender receives a confirmation email, including the Case Reference Number.
If your practice is already registered on PCSE Online, the Main Contact/Super User will be able to check the named contacts and email addresses that are currently included under your practice registration and add or amend users if required.  We would encourage you to check and update accordingly.
If the person submitting the form is not a registered contact on PCSE Online the confirmation email will be sent to the main contact at the practice.
If your practice has not registered on PCSE Online please visit: 

Where do I find the CET claim form?
The claim forms will be published by the Department of Health and Social Care ahead of the claim window opening. 

Who can make CET claims?

Claims can be made for CET undertaken by ophthalmic practitioners between 1 January and 31 December 2018. CET payments can only be paid to contractors.

A payment of £562 can be claimed by a contractor in respect of either:

  • CET he/she has undertaken personally in the year between 1 January to 31 December 2018.
  • CET undertaken in the year between 1 January to 31 December 2018 by any other ophthalmic practitioner on the Ophthalmic Performers List.

As per the regulations, individual locums can ask any of the contractors they work for to process their claim.  The grant will be paid to the contractor who should then pay the optometrist locum once it is received.


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CET Claims

The recommended route for submitting CET claims is via the online form but if you prefer to submit by post you can send to:

Primary Care Support England
PO Box 350

If you are sending a CET claim by post please send it separately to your GOS claims to ensure it is processed promptly.

Important: Claim forms submitted to any other email or postal addresses will not be processed. 

Please only use the CET Claim option on the online form to submit claims for 2019.

Any queries about previous CET claims from past years should be submitted using the Ophthalmic Payments option on the online enquiry form

Please follow these steps:

  1. Select 'Ophthalmic Payments'
  2. Complete the verify me reCAPTCHA security box
  3. Choose 'Contractor/Optical practice'
  4. Select 'CET Grant Claims' from the Type of Query drop down menu
  5. Complete the fields and submit

The internet browsers supported are:

  • Chrome - v30 and later
  • Firefox - v27 and later
  • Internet Explorer - v11
  • Opera - v17
  • Safari - v5 on iOS and v7 on OS X

CET claims can only be submitted by and paid to a contractor. Locum optometrists who have difficulty finding a contractor who is willing to submit a CET claim for them are advised to contact their LOC to request assistance.


CET claims can only be submitted by and paid to a contractor. Individual locums can ask any of the contactors they work for to process their claim.  The grant will then be paid to the contractor who should then pay the optometrist locum once it is received.