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Ophthalmic payments

PCSE’s ophthalmic payments service includes administrating monthly payments of GOS forms, processing Continuing Education and Training (CET) payments, deducting Local Optical Committee levies, and managing refunds to patients where appropriate.

Submitting GOS claim forms

Submitting GOS claim forms


Using submission headers

All opticians should have now received, and be using, the new tailored submission headers. Click here to see an example new header for GOS1, GOS3, GOS4, GOS6.


Sending your GOS forms to PCSE

All opticians should send GOS claim forms to the Customer Support Centre at:
Primary Care Support England
PO Box 350

If you would like to courier forms to us, there is a separate address courier firms should use:
Capita Document & Information Services (PCSE)
Unit 1
Roundhouse Road
Faverdale Industrial Estate

PLEASE NOTE as of 29 August 2017 there will be a new address for contractors who use couriers, which will be:

Capita Intelligent Communications

Building 17, Units 2 & 6

Lingfield Point

McMullen Road



Anyone who uses a courier service to send GOS forms to PCSE should use this new address for all deliveries from, and including, the 29 August 2017. 


For any queries on payments, email us at PCSE.Optical@nhs.net. This will ensure your enquiry gets to the right team as quickly as possible who will log, review and respond to your query.

If you are emailing about an existing case, please can you include your case number in the email subject line, to allow us to automatically link your email to your original query. Please can you also include your Area Code – Optician Code (as per your GOS Batch Headers) in the body of your email, to help us clearly identify your practice.


For further FAQs, visit our help page.

Are there any changes to claim form submission dates?

There are no changes to claim form submission dates. Please see our list of claim form submission dates for each area.

What should I do with domiciliary notifications?

Domiciliary notifications can be emailed (from an nhs.net email address or as an encrypted email from a non nhs.net email address), posted or faxed to us.

Contact details for all PCSE offices can be found on our contact us page.

Are there changes to the way GOS 3 and 4 forms are processed?

Yes. PCSE has started to return to individual processing for GOS 3 and 4 forms.

This change will be rolled out in phases across the country. From February 2017, practices in certain areas will receive itemised statements for GOS3 and 4 claims, allowing for easier reconciliation. Download a list of areas who will receive itemised statements for GOS3 and 4 claims.

The scheduled rollout of individual GOS3 and 4 entry is now being planned for other areas, and details will be communicated once finalised.

GOS 1 forms will continue to be batch processed for all areas as they have been historically.

The window for submitting Continuing Education and Training (CET) claims to PCSE opened on 1 July 2017 and will remain open until 31 October 2017.

Claims for CET undertaken by ophthalmic practitioners between 1 January to 31 December 2016 must be submitted during this period and should be sent to pcse.optical@nhs.net

As a reminder, CET allowance payments are payable to contractors.  A payment can be claimed by a contractor in respect of either:

  1. CET he/she has undertaken personally in the year between 1 January to 31 December 2016.
  2. CET undertaken in the year between 1 January to 31 December 2016 by an ophthalmic practitioner on the Ophthalmic Performers List.

The CET allowance for 2016 is £545.

To submit a claim, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the form which can be found via this link or on the Department of Health Website
  2. Sign and date the form in the appropriate place(s)
  3. Scan the signed form and attach to an email
  4. Put ‘2017 CET claim’ in the email subject header
  5. Email to pcse.optical@nhs.net

Each claim received will be assigned a case reference number.  We will send you an email confirming that number which should be quoted in any subsequent correspondence. Please ensure that the details you have registered with PCSE are up to date and correct.

Please note you are asked to submit only one claim form per email so that each form has a unique case reference that can be tracked.  

The preferred route for submitting CET claims is by email to pcse.optical@nhs.net but if you prefer to submit by post you can send to:

Primary Care Support England
PO Box 350

If you are including CET claims with GOS claims, please ensure that you group the CET claims together and place them on top of the GOS claims to enable them to be identified and processed more easily.

Important: Claim forms submitted to any other email or postal addresses will not be processed.