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We will be introducing two new electronic options for securely submitting GOS claims, as well as launching an online service to track claims and view statements via PCSE Online.

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Ophthalmic payments

PCSE’s ophthalmic payments service includes administrating monthly payments of GOS forms, processing Continuing Education and Training (CET) payments, deducting Local Optical Committee levies, and managing refunds to patients where appropriate.

Submitting GOS claim forms

Submitting GOS claim forms


Using submission headers

All opticians should have now received, and be using, the new tailored submission headers. Click here to see an example new header for GOS1, GOS3, GOS4, GOS6.


Sending your GOS forms to PCSE

All opticians should send GOS claim forms to the Customer Support Centre at:

Primary Care Support England

PO Box 350




If you would like to courier forms to us, there is a separate address courier firms should use:

Capita Intelligent Communications

Building 17, Units 2 & 6

Lingfield Point

McMullen Road



Anyone who uses a courier service to send GOS forms to PCSE should use this  address for all deliveries.


Please submit any ophthalmic payment queries to PCSE via the online enquiry form

Simply select the 'Ophthalmic Payments' option from the drop down menu and the form will guide you to enter all the details we need to ensure the quickest possible response time to your query.   


Avoiding rejected GOS claims

To ensure GOS claims can be processed and avoid forms being rejected, please ensure all mandatory information is included on GOS claims before they are submitted and that the correct declaration is signed on sight test claims. 

Top 5 reasons GOS claims are rejected:

  1. Date of last sight test is left blank on a GOS1 or GOS6.
  2. Contractors who are also Performers have signed a GOS1 or GOS6 in the Performer’s declaration section only, rather than the claim section at the bottom as specified on the form.
  3. Date of prescription missing on a GOS3.
  4. Values not entered in the relevant boxes in the claim section on a GOS3.
  5. In forms that have been signed by a patient’s parent/guardian/carer, they have not entered their name below their signature. 

Contractors are reminded that claim forms must be signed in all the relevant places and all signatures must be dated, otherwise the claim will be rejected. 

Please click below for best practice examples which highlight the other mandatory fields on the most common forms and to confirm what information is acceptable when completing certain fields.





Guidance on Filling and Signing GOS forms can also be found in Section 5 of Making Accurate Claims.

Please also see our FAQ below for the process for submitting previously rejected GOS forms.

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General queries

Please use the online form to request a copy of your batch header(s) by selecting the ‘Batch Header’ query type.

A PDF copy of the batch header(s) will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you have registered with PCSE. Please note this does not have to be an NHS.net account.

You can use the online form to cancel the claim.  Select ‘Cancel GOS claim’ from the drop-down menu and complete the mandatory details on the form.


If you haven’t received your statement, please use the ‘GOS Payment Statement’ option on the online form to request a new one.

A copy of a statement can only be sent to an NHS.net e-mail account.  If you do not have an NHS.net email we can send a paper statement to your postal address.

The GOS payment statement option on the online form should be used for requesting copies of missing statements only. If you have a query about a payment discrepancy on a statement that you have received or a missing payment please select the ‘GOS claim payment error’ option.


If the amount you have been paid differs to the amount you expected, firstly please check for any returned GOS claims.

Ensure the claims submitted met the cut-off date for payment.

If you are still unable to identify the discrepancy, then please submit an enquiry using the ‘GOS Payment Query’ option on the online form.

Please check the cut-off date for your area to make sure the claims were submitted in time.

If you have submitted your claims in the correct time frame, please use the ‘GOS Payment Query’ option on the online form to provide further details for us to investigate.


Contact your NHS England local office to request a contract application form. You will be sent the appropriate application form to complete.

Once a new GOS contract has been awarded NHS England will notify PCSE.

Once we receive this notification, tailored GOS headers are created and sent to the contractor to enable you to submit GOS claims. 

Further information about contractor set up and changes can be found here.


If your practice has not yet registered to use PCSE Online to order supplies (GOS stationery) or to raise queries, please use the online enquiry form and select the option to ‘Register for PCSE Online’.

You will need to provide the details of the person in your organisation who you wish to be the Super User / Main contact.

Please provide the following details for the Super User / Main contact:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Practice name
  4. Practice address
  5. ODS code (also known as a TP code).  The format is ‘TP’ followed by three alpha/numeric characters. If you do not know the ODS code for your practice you should contact the Exeter Helpdesk on 0300 3034 034 or email: Exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net

When the Super User / Main contact has received their login details they will be able to set up additional users in your practice with access to PCSE Online.


Claims are rejected if there is missing information or the mandatory fields are not correctly completed.  Click here to view how to ‘Avoid Rejected GOS Claims’ and see best practice examples of how to complete different GOS types.

If your forms are rejected,  they will be returned to you with a cover sheet explaining which section(s) are incomplete.  Please amend and resubmit them to PCSE for processing and payment.

Please see our list of claim form submission dates which also includes details of when payments will be paid into bank accounts.

The preferred option for submitting  domiciliary notifications, also referred to as Pre-Visit Notifications (PVNs), is via our dedicated PVN form which can be found on the Contact Us page. 

Simply select 'Pre-Visit Notification' on the drop down menu of the Enquiry Form.

More details and FAQs about submitting PVNs can be found on our dedicated 'Notification of domiciliary visits' page.

  • Separate any previously rejected GOS forms from your normal/new GOS form submissions
  • Put a cross (X) in the top right hand corner of each previously rejected form
  • Batch them together using a separate batch header for each GOS form type
  • Write clearly on the batch header/s ‘PREVIOUSLY REJECTED’ underneath the name and address for payment box and securely fasten each batch together
  • Return the rejected forms to PCSE along with your normal GOS submissions to the usual addresses: Post to Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN or courier to Capita Intelligent Communications, Building 17, Units 2 & 6, Lingfield Point, McMullen Road, DARLINGTON, DL1 1RW.

As there isn't a tick box or space for Universal Credit on the current forms, if you have a GOS claim for a patient entitled to Universal Credit please clearly write 'Universal Credit' somewhere in the benefits section of the form.

Read more information about eligibility for free NHS eye tests and optical vouchers here.

LOC Levy remittance advice is issued by NHS Shared Business Services (SBS).  Please contact them on 0303 123 1177  or visit https://www.sbs.nhs.uk/

LOC Levy remittance advice is issued by NHS Shared Business Services (SBS).  Please contact them on 0303 123 1177  or visit https://www.sbs.nhs.uk/

In order for PCSE to set up new contractors with tailored batch headers, firstly PCSE requires a new contract notification from the NHS England local office to confirm the contractor is approved to undertake NHS work in that area. 

Once we receive this notification, tailored GOS headers can be created to enable you to submit claims for NHS work undertaken. 

Please speak to your relevant NHS England Local Team to gain approval to undertake NHS work. 

All GOS 4 voucher claims for adults aged 16 and over need to be pre-approved by NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA).

Contractors should ring NHSBSA on 0300 330 9403 between 08:00 and 16:30, Monday to Friday to make the request.  

Further information is available on the NHSBSA GOS 4 Pre Authorisation briefing document.

A list of NHS England local team contacts for ophthalmic can be found here.

If you wish to raise a query about the LOC levy amount, please send it to PCSE via our online form on the Contact Us page.

- Select the 'Ophthalmic Payments' option from the drop down menu under type of enquiry

- Once on the form, choose Local Optical Committee

- Tick the option for 'Levy payment queries'

- Complete the form and submit

You will receive a case reference number (CAS XXXX-XXXX) which you should keep for your records.